Gulfood 2023 raises Dubai’s status as world food capital

Organised by Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), Gulfood, the world’s largest annual food and beverage sourcing event, takes place from 20-24 February 2023. It has become one of the premier events on Dubai’s food scene, showcasing its culinary prowess and diverse food industry. It has reinforced the city’s position as the food capital of the world. In the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, the event will focus on sustainability initiatives and will showcase a range of projects aimed at promoting sustainability.

Gulfood 2023 has launched a new global sustainability initiative, Gulfood Green, to promote more sustainable food production and consumption. The event features topics related to sustainability, such as reducing food waste and creating a more sustainable food business. Gulfood has also launched an international tree planting campaign called Gulfood Forest to help preserve, restore and grow trees around the world, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

The 28th edition is 30% larger than the previous edition, with over 5,000 confirmed exhibitors, including 1,500 first-time exhibitors. The event brings together the F&B community from around the world in Dubai to discuss the future of the rapidly growing sector. This year, the new 10,000sqm Gulfood Plus hall has been unveiled, with exhibitors showcasing new product innovations for the first time.

The Gulfood Green Awards ceremony will also be held, recognising excellence in sustainability in the F&B industry. The Gulfood Inspire conference, which will bring together ministers, F&B leaders, entrepreneurs, civil society representatives and industry experts, will discuss sustainable food production, food safety, nutrition education, waste reduction, securing international supply chains, and trends in catering.

Gulfood has partnered with Mintel, a market intelligence agency, to create a thought leadership programme for the F&B industry. Gulfood Green aims to help move towards more sustainable and sustainable food production and consumption in order to reverse trends in inflation and rising costs of consumer goods, food, utilities and fuel. Gulfood 2023 will bring together the global F&B industry to offer a platform for business opportunities and innovation, leading the way in sustainability.

Gulfood is also planning to launch two new events. Gulfood Green and Gulfood Agrotech will take place from 24 to 26 September 2024 and will focus on showcasing smart agriculture technologies and innovative practices that support access to food, sourcing, production, transportation, logistics and distribution in a climate-friendly way. Particular attention will be paid to the impact of these practices on developing countries. The events aim to provide an essential annual platform to address the socio-economic and environmental challenges facing the global food industry. They will bring together stakeholders to collaborate and share innovative ideas to improve global food security.

Dubai has established itself as the food capital of the world, offering a variety of dishes that reflect the city’s cosmopolitan culture. With a rich culinary tradition, top chefs and global culinary events, Dubai will remain one of the best places for food lovers for years to come.

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