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Irina Bova unveils secret of success

More and more people turn to the help of a psychologist in order to find inner support, motivation and strength to move towards their goals every year. Is it really impossible for a person to cope with his problems on his own and achieve the desired results without contacting a specialist? Irina Bova is a successful specialist, Master of Psychology, coach, PhD in Economics, leadership expert, top speaker of the business forum “Another Level”. She answered these questions and more.

1. Irina, you are a master of psychology, a successful specialist and a person with incredible bright energy. Tell us about your secret of success and the path you went through to achieve it.

One day I made a decision for myself to be a happy person, and I decided that I would do everything necessary to come to this. I put many meanings into the concept of “happiness” – this is the quality of life a person lives: smiles, joy, warm relationships with close loved ones; hobbies, this is what fills the heart and soul with warmth. Personally, I put professional implementation into this concept as well. The very success that many talk about lies in the balance in all areas of life. As a psychologist, I know that it is impossible to achieve complete balance, but globally, by “balance” I mean the realization of myself in a wide variety of areas: in marriage, in parenthood, in a career, the ability to earn money, hobbies and recreation, friendship, etc.

It was the decision that became the starting point in order to become a professional in this field. I am a master of psychology and a candidate of economic sciences at the moment. I have completed a large number of training programs from well-known authors in the direction of psychology and psychotherapy. In addition, I have gone through a long professional path of working with clients, students of my courses, thanks to this I have gained a huge practical experience.

I can say that my secret ingredient of success is that the choice that I made once was to become happy in every sense of the word, trying to balance, gradually developing all areas of life, including my career; I continue to make this choice daily. I open my eyes and realize that I want to be happy today waking up every day, so that there are quality relationships within my family, so that I have friends with whom I enjoy communicating, paying attention to my hobbies etc.. The most importantly is that I want to do today what allows me, as a professional, not to stand still. The path that each person goes through becomes easier, making this choice every day within himself: all the difficulties that are encountered are leveled by the awareness of one’s own choice and its result.

2. Why has it become a trend now to go to a psychologist and do you have your own mentor or coach? What caused the huge demand for specialists in this field?

In my opinion, there has previously been a great demand for professionals in the field of psychology, including those mentors, advisers who will be nearby and will be able to highlight some points that we often do not see, tell a person what he needs to do to move towards his goal. Thus, professional advisers were formed, who gave the right vector of vision, made it possible to pay attention to growing zones so that a person could work with them himself.

All these helping professions (psychologist, coach, mentor) do not make decisions and do not perform any actions for the person, who addresses them, they just show the direction. Having a mentor and advisor was available only to wealthy people in the past, but today there are different specialists, completely new professions, and this kind of information is becoming more open and accessible. Many people still use the services of these specialists carefully. It was possible to turn to a friend or older people for help to solve a problem without a psychologist and that was enough earlier. At the moment it is better to turn to a professional who knows how to work out the psychological component of the problem, how to lead a person through coaching to the goal, how to help advance your career.

We can now observe a time of flexible adaptive thinking; the normal and healthy psyche is very difficult to deal with the incredible rate of change, so we need a lot more resources and support. A person will receive step-by-step instructions that will help save time, any other resources, including financial resources turning to a professional, in order to live happily and calmly in this speed and get their results as efficiently as possible.

Irina Bova

3. What problems, patterns and blocks are most often asked for help?

I am addressed with the problem of financial blocks and blocks in terms of scale and career most often: when people reach their maximum, knowing that there is a place to develop further, but do not understand how to do it, as if something interferes with them. The hindrance is deep internal patterns and restrictions that we do not notice in such blocks. A person begins to notice and learn amazing things about himself, working through these blocks with a psychologist. This self-improvement can be compared with a kind of journey to a new country that is very interested in knowing. A person is interested and inspired, working with himrself.

Also, relations with close ones are one of the most common requests, since not everyone can be ready for changes: various conflict situations may arise in view of this. So it is very important to work out and find a solution so that your goals, dreams and vector of your movement do not cause deterioration in relations with close people.

4. How to choose a competent and experienced mentor? What criteria is important to pay attention to so as not to fall into the hands of an incompetent specialist?

 I recommend paying attention to three aspects choosing a specialist:

1. Customers and their results. It is necessary to study the cases: who is it, what results have, what thinking this person has, how much you admire these results.

2. Teachers. Who trained the specialist, how qualified and competent his teachers are, whether you trust their methods. Learn to analyze and draw parallels.

3. The specialist himself and his personal results. Follow an expert on social media, see how he told himself, how he thinks, what values ​ ​ he has, how similar he is to your view. If you see that what he preaches is very reflective of your views, there is a high probability that you will agree.

It is necessary to look at the specialist and try to understand how congruent he is with what he preaches.

5. Now people turn to a psychologist very often and this has become a kind of “quick-action pill”.  People prefer not to work on their goals, but simply go to a psychologist and wait for life to change. Do you think this is true?

People are always looking for how to make their lives easier, so our thinking is arranged: to simplify all processes as much as possible and find the easiest solution, but at the same time, when we face some new challenge that we set ourselves to come to the result, we begin to resist in every possible way. We come to a solution in the fastest way, from a positive point of view, but on the other hand, we can resist difficulties and therefore deviate from our goal.

Many people come to specialists only in order to pour out their hearts, free themselves, verbalize their feelings and emotions, and get some support. This effect of ease after meeting a psychologist will last for a while, but then everything will return to its place. That is why I prefer to work in a different format, using in my practice exclusively scientifically proven tools with that I lead my client.

It often happens that a person becomes clear, easy and comfortable after my consultations, he feels strength and support inside, but often such meetings are of a different nature: a person becomes hurt, uncomfortable, he reveals his hidden sides, that he did not want to notice, but he is forced to look at them, as he aims to overcome and get rid of everything that prevents him on the way to achieve his goal.

In my opinion, the so-called “quick-action pill” has a place to be: it is better to come and get some small result and experience, rather than stand still and dive deeper into your problems.

I advise you to contact professionals, work systematically on yourself and get results in the form of achieving your goals and changes that a person is going to. The psychology acts as a powerful tool in order to come to results.

6. What is “manifestation” for you? How important is it in the modern world?

For me, manifestation is the ability to see your own merits and talents, to present them beautifully to this world, to notice, show, strengthen and shape them. It is as important in the modern world, since it is very difficult without your own manifestation to come to qualitative changes in life, to achieve something in a career, to find a soul mate and friends. The talent to manifest is our talent to be a producer for ourselves: to find outstanding abilities in ourselves and think how to bring them to this world, so that others will notice them and appreciate them.

If you want to develop and be successful in each of the areas of your life, to find yourself interesting friends who have their own results, who strive to achieve their goals, love, appreciate and live their bright life, you must be manifested. If you are closed to this world, you will not be interested in these people, they will not notice you; and you will be uncomfortable with them, scary and incomprehensible.

Manifestation is also closely related to building our personal lives. You understand that the partner you are striving for must have certain competencies, skills, and a certain level of thinking. If you don’t show all this inside yourself, you won’t be able to meet such a person. It also concerns the monetary sphere and career. In the modern world, money is paid to those who know how to manifest themselves and carry themselves into this world.

If you want to achieve results in any area of ​ ​ life, bring bright colors to it, then it will be impossible without the ability to manifest yourself and your talents.

Irina Bova

7. In what large-scale forums, conferences and events did you take part as an expert and speaker? What are your impressions? What feedback have you received from the audience?

I took part in a huge number of large-scale forums and conferences. I am also the organizer and operator of such events. Every year I am a speaker and moderator at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, in that representatives of the authorities, public organizations take part, where communication on economic issues is built at a high level, as well as tasks related to business and economics are solved.

The feedback from the participants in my panel discussions is usually quite emotional: they believe that my performances stand out from the rest; they are always brighter, more lively and dynamic.

I participate in conferences of various formats: from economic forums to participation in blogging conferences. I took part in the large-scale forum “Another Level”, that was held on February 11 in Dubai. This forum brought together top bloggers and speakers in the world of information business.

Participation in such radically different projects gives me, on the one hand, clarity, structure and fundamentality, that I take from the world of economics and real business, on the other hand, the dynamics and presentation of material that I draw from bloggers, who have the gift  – to talk about complex things simply, and this is what millions of people learn from them.

I also managed to organize a number of forums in support of entrepreneurs during the global pandemic, as part of a national project, and more than 1500 thousand entrepreneurs received knowledge that strengthened the internal state of their business and were able to promote it even in difficult times.

8. What new projects, plans and goals do you set for yourself for 2023?

I consider 2023 to be the year of growth of my own scale. My goal is to expand its borders and reach the international level. Now I am preparing a special project “Language of Facts,” in which I will highlight those growth zones through which people could come to their new scale, results, manifestation and knowledge of themselves. I plan to organize an international forum with the same name “Language of Facts” this year. Now I am working on my book and course, that will combine my knowledge as a master of psychology, hypnologist, coach and as a candidate of economic sciences, an expert in leadership, team management and critical thinking. I create my course called “Language of Facts”, within these two competencies, that will multifaceted all spheres of life and through their balancing will lead a person to his inner state of happiness.

In my opinion happiness is the main mission and goal of the life of every person on the Earth. If every person made himself happy every day, we would live in a world of happy people and it was a completely different world.

We thank Irina Bova for the interview and look forward to the launch of her new projects.

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