Business Sectors Platform

Business Sectors Platform launched in Dubai

As part of its efforts to provide additional services to business groups and business councils, in a bid to enhance the emirate’s reputation as a global business and trade hub, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, one of the three chambers operating under the Dubai Chambers, launched the Business Sectors Platform at a special event held at its headquarters.

The new platform offers an innovative package of quality services designed specifically to meet the needs of business groups and business boards so that they can work effectively and achieve their goals.

The launch was attended by more than 200 executives and members of business groups and business councils, led by H.E. Faisal Juma Balhoul, Vice Chairman of Dubai Chambers, in the presence of Mohammad Ali Rashed Lutah, President and CEO of Dubai Chambers.

The Business Sectors Platform was launched to keep up with the changing demands and needs of business groups and boards, enhances their competitiveness and ability to achieve their strategic goals, and supports Dubai’s digital transformation agenda.

The platform will allow business groups and business councils to add their comments and recommendations on legislation, laws, policies and regulations electronically, thereby strengthening the strategic partnership between the public and private sectors and improving their two-way communication.

H.E. Faisal Juma Balhoul, Vice Chairman of Dubai Chambers

The Business Sectors Platform includes a comprehensive and integrated set of specialist services that are key for business groups and business councils. The platform will help save time and effort and improve communication between the Chamber and the private sector, thereby strengthening the Chamber’s role as a representative of the business community.

Cloud services include 40 enterprise-level online solutions designed to streamline CRM, sales, membership, finance, operations and marketing, among other solutions. Business groups and business boards can use these services to manage and develop all their activities in the cloud.

Specialised training programmes to help business groups and business councils improve their processes and stay abreast of the latest industry trends.

The programmes cover various topics that are vital to supporting the efforts of Business Groups and Business Councils, such as the Digital Presence programme. This programme focuses on creating a digital presence for the Business Group/Business Council and the advocacy programme sheds light on how they can advocate effectively. Other programmes include topics such as membership, data analytics and technology for business groups as well as international best practice.

Business groups and business councils play a vital role in Dubai’s business and economic landscape. They ensure that all business sectors are represented and facilitate mutual dialogue between stakeholders and government agencies, addressing policy issues and enhancing the competitiveness of the sectors concerned.

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