Sharks fishing banned in UAE

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has imposed a moratorium on commercial fishing of sharks and rays until 30 June 2023.

The ban, which comes into effect every year during the spring and summer period, helps to ensure the sustainability of fish stocks in UAE waters to improve food security. The moratorium applies during the spawning season of fish.

Earlier, the UAE announced new measures to protect the population of endangered reef sharks and stingrays by adding them to the list of marine protected species.

A study by Nature Communications found that 59% of coral reef habitats are threatened by overfishing, habitat loss and climate change.

This year, a new convention will come into force which will impose restrictions on the harvesting of 56 species of marine life – they can only be harvested legally and in a sustainable manner.

Rules in force in the Emirates state that sharks cannot be caught within eight nautical miles of the mainland and only for finning.

The UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has already banned fishing for any sharks and rays on the aforementioned list. It is also forbidden to catch them from recreational vessels and boats.

Some 153 species of sharks, rays and other fish live in the waters of the Persian Gulf, with more than half of the species now threatened with extinction. Shrinking coral reefs are leading to a loss of population of the species that inhabit them.

Every year, ecologists run an information campaign reminding fishermen of the moratorium on fishing. They believe that extending the list of marine species banned from fishing would help conserve their populations.

Source: Khaleej Times

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