Metro Music Festival

Metro Music Festival inspires creativity and eco-awareness

A week-long celebration of world music, Metro Music Festival, organised from 6-12 March by Brand Dubai in partnership with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), is part of the ongoing #DubaiDestinations campaign to highlight exceptional experiences, events and activities across the #DubaiArtSeason.

The third edition of Metro Music Festival is a testament to Dubai’s ability to offer a platform for musicians from around the world to showcase their talent, while also highlighting the idea of sustainability to inspire society to be more environmentally conscious, in line with the UAE’s declaration of 2023 as the ‘Year of Sustainability’. The redesigned instruments presented at the festival gave the event a new dimension, encouraging audiences to embrace sustainability in new creative ways.

In one of the unique performances at this year’s festival, Nicolas Bras, a talented musician and inventor from France, sparked curiosity with his exceptional handmade instruments created from recycled materials. Bras is known for his extraordinary talent for creating unique musical instruments from materials such as discarded pipes, scrap metal, recycled wood and tin cans. Mixing sounds and frequencies, Bras mesmerised audiences with his unique musical scores.

Bras used a variety of notes in his performances at the festival, including strings, brass and percussion instruments. “I believe that music is as much about playing an instrument as it is about making it,” Bras said. “I am very excited to take part in the Dubai Metro Music Festival and showcase my handmade instruments to the world.”

Bras’ innovative approach to making music is testament to his passion for his craft. His instruments not only capture the imagination but also create music that inspires creativity and wonder.

‘The Show Theatre’ from Thailand is another group that highlights the theme of sustainability at the festival with unique performances on instruments made from recycled objects such as kitchen utensils, pots, spoons, glass, pans, blenders, etc. Their performances combine percussion, movement and visual comedy. Apart from the innovative use of recycled materials, their performances featured a refreshing mix of traditional and contemporary dance forms.

More than 20 musicians from the UAE, the region and around the world perform at the Dubai Metro Music Festival. Performances take place at five Dubai Metro stations – Union, Mall of Emirates, Burjuman, Dubai Financial Centre and Sobha Realty – from 4pm to 10pm. All performances alternate throughout the week of the festival to cover all five metro stations.

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