DEWA cares about cyber security

DEWA, in cooperation with Moro Hub, inaugurated the Cyber Security Innovation Lab, the Waee Cyber Security Centre and the Identity Intelligence Centre. This is part of an effort to create a safe, resilient and secure digital environment and to support innovation in cyberspace. This enhances comprehensive protection for all stakeholders against cybersecurity risks and ensures secure access to DEWA’s cyberspace, especially as digital transformation in DEWA accelerates and smart technologies are widely adopted.

H.E. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, CEO of DEWA, stressed that the move is in line with the organisation’s efforts to implement the vision of wise leadership to be fully prepared for all the challenges that technology brings along with the opportunities it presents, as well as to enhance Dubai’s growth and economic prosperity and continue DEWA’s journey towards excellence and global leadership.

The Cyber Security Innovation Lab was created to enable and optimise DEWA’s digital transformation through research, development, innovation, design and testing of cyber security controls and their deployment in its environment. The objective of the lab is to save time and costs and increase the return on DEWA’s investment in information and cyber security.

The Waee Cyber Security Centre provides a virtual environment for comprehensive technical training and exercises with scenarios and tools to simulate cybersecurity attacks and defence mechanisms to enhance staff skills and raise awareness through virtual experiences aimed at improving national cybersecurity skills.

The identity analytics centre is the first of its kind at DEWA with adaptive intelligence that collects identity data from various sources to proactively protect DEWA identities and incorporate advanced identity and access management tools to improve the user experience and ensure secure access to the DEWA environment.

DEWA has made significant progress in systematically and practically developing an enterprise risk management strategy and has formed a high-level crisis management committee since 2008.

DEWA has established the first cyber security centre in the government of Dubai to anticipate threats in advance and implement all necessary preventive procedures to protect data by monitoring services and technical facilities around the clock, handling incidents with care and limiting the impact of potential threats. DEWA also adopts the Dubai Electronic Security Centre (DESC) Information Security Regulation (ISR). DEWA has achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification, which is the highest international standard for information security management. DEWA has extended implementation of the standard to all its divisions, departments and operations.

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