Freelancers to get new permits in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is set to introduce a new type of freelance work permit – it will be available to freelancers with any skill level. The changes are expected to come into force in the third quarter of 2023.

The new type of permit will allow freelancers to work both within the UAE and from any other part of the world. It is specified that self-employed people with low skills will be able to obtain flexible work permits and work for themselves as well as for other companies, after registering with the UAE Ministry of Manpower and Emiratisation.

The introduction of flexible visas in the UAE could create as many as 24,000 jobs by 2024. In addition, this measure will help companies to attract and retain people with different skill levels.

In January 2022, Dubai authorities launched new three-year Talent Pass residency visas for talented foreign freelancers. The initiative aims to attract creative talent with specialist skills to the emirate to develop sectors such as media, education, technology, arts, marketing and consultancy.

The agreement to launch the new initiative was signed by Dubai Airports Free Zone (DAFZ), Dubai Arts and Culture Authority and Dubai Directorate General for Residency and International Relations (GDRFA Dubai).

The agencies will work together to issue visas and talent licences, as well as provide other services to innovators as they develop their businesses in Dubai.

The Talent Pass will entitle its holder to a three-year residency permit and lease office space at DAFZ and access a vibrant freezone ecosystem that already hosts more than 1,800 companies.

The initiative will further revitalise the business environment and reinforce Dubai’s position as a global destination for innovators and talent. Talent Pass holders will receive so-called ‘cultural visas’.

Source: Khaleej Times

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