Xturismo hoverbike unveiled in Abu Dhabi

A futuristic flying motorbike Xturismo made of high-strength carbon fibre has been unveiled in Abu Dhabi. The vehicle can be used in hard-to-reach places and rugged terrain such as search and rescue operations.

The hoverbike will also be able to provide geospatial mapping. The vehicle is manufactured by AERWINS Technologies and its partner company Bayanat in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

As previously reported, the Xturismo costs around US$ 777,000. The single-seater flying motorbike weighs 300kg and has a maximum payload of 100kg. It reaches a top speed of 100km per hour and has a maximum range of 40km.

It is planned to be used in situations such as investigating natural disasters and searching for people in deserts, on lakes, in bays, and for transporting essential items. Xturismo will also be engaged in data collection and be used for missions with drones at low altitudes (≤150m).

The Dubai Police had earlier announced that it would launch drones with artificial intelligence over the city’s highways – they will identify offending drivers. Specifically, those who talk on their mobile phones or fail to fasten their seatbelts while driving.

It is specified that a fully functional drone with artificial intelligence “can take off autonomously or at the touch of a button and provide a panoramic view of the sky from a bird’s eye view. In particular, they can recognise number plates and vehicle colours, speed and traffic violations.

The AI EagleEye Intelligent Patrol technology was developed by Zenith Technologies and is the world’s first AI-powered drones. They will relay all information to police officers in real time to ensure an immediate response.

Source: The National

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