Club 500

Club 500 holds 25th Global Meeting

Club 500, one of the largest international premium business clubs in the world, organised a global meeting for its members in the most business-friendly locations of one of the world’s largest and most progressive business centres – in Dubai, at EXPO 2020, the Museum of the Future and the Royal Atlantis Hotel.

Networking is booming in Dubai, and there are more and more platforms for it. That’s why in March 2022, the largest gated premium business community from Russia opened a representative office in the UAE. Club 500 unites entrepreneurs with a total business turnover of $18 million or more per year. Over the 4 years of its existence, Club 500 has managed to win the status of a leader in the business community industry and has grown in scale by 4 times. In the next few years, the Club 500 plans to open 50 offices around the world.

The business community industry worldwide is now growing at 20% a year, so business clubs are becoming an increasingly popular development tool for entrepreneurs around the world.

Club 500 is a progressive development tool for modern entrepreneurs, and an entire ecosystem of 360-degree products aimed at organizing all aspects of business people’s lives. There are tools for business development, a variety of formats for meaningful communication, personal growth, leisure, sports and family events. Business breakfasts, masterminds, forums, meetings with mentors and excursions to major companies are held to develop entrepreneurial competencies.

The main theme of the global event was business development in the new realities and its scaling in the international market. The agenda of the meeting was as follows: “How an entrepreneur can successfully relocate and scale his business in 2023”. Special guests Fedor Ovchinnikov, founder and CEO of Dodo Brands, and Yuri Maksimov, co-founder and chairman of the board of directors of Positive Technologies, shared their experience in dealing with this issue.

One of Talk4Head’s educational events focused on the comprehensive study of an entrepreneur’s personality. This is a modern and unique format of work with the importance of the 4 most important areas of every entrepreneur’s life: business, health, family and dreams. At the meeting, speakers shared their experiences and ready solutions on how to take entrepreneurship and personal life to the next level by harmonising all areas.

In addition to the educational sessions, participants had the opportunity to get to know each other in an informal setting. Club 500 traditionally creates unique interactive after-parties for participants, which create an atmosphere of trust and exchange of experience, collaboration and cooperation between entrepreneurs of different levels.

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