Dubai to build helicopter airfield for VIPs

Dubai has announced the start of construction of a private heliport where the city’s super-rich residents and visitors will be able to park their vehicles. The helicopter park will take its place next to the private aviation terminal, on an area of 42,800 square metres.

It is planned that this area will be enough to accommodate 12 helicopters as well as a showroom where vehicle owners and corporate executives will be able to get acquainted with the new models.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Centre (MBRAH) will be handling the project in partnership with Air Chateau International, which has already received flight certificates from the General Civil Aviation Authority.

The helicopter terminal will be the largest of its kind – serving both leisure and business travellers. In addition to the helicopter hangar, there will be a VIP lounge for arriving passengers. Air Chateau International will also provide vehicle maintenance services.

Construction is now nearing completion on a huge Midfield terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport – its opening is likely to coincide with UAE National Day, which will be celebrated on December 2, 2023.

It is noted that construction has been underway since 2012, after the launch of the capital’s terminal will be able to serve 11 thousand passengers per hour, or 45 million passengers a year. After the opening Midfield in the UAE capital will close the now operating Terminals 1 and 2.

The 700,000 square meter terminal will cost around Dh11 billion, almost US$3 billion and is expected to have 17,000 employees.

The Midfield terminal is expected to be the first international airport with full biometric service, i.e. the most high-tech airport in the world.

Source: Arabian Business

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