Dubai begins testing new electric taxis

Dubai Taxi Corporation has begun a three-month trial of Skywell’s new electric cars on the emirate’s streets. The initiative is in line with Dubai’s plan to transition to emission-free public transport by 2050.

The corporation will test different models of electric vehicles and compare their performance results. Test parameters include an analysis of each vehicle’s performance, maintenance rates and breakdown rates per 100,000 km.

Currently, eco-cars already make up 70% of the Dubai Taxi Corporation’s fleet, and the fleet grows by an additional 70 eco-cars each year.

Back in 2022, Tesla Model 3 electric cars were added to Dubai City Taxi’s fleet on a trial basis. Since 2017, 172 Tesla vehicles have been used as premium taxis.

The move supports Dubai’s development strategy to build a green economy as well as reduce carbon emissions. Since 2017, the authority has operated 80 Tesla Model S, 50 Tesla Model X and 42 Tesla Model 3. By 2026, 90% of all limousines will be eco-friendly in Dubai.

Dubai has also tested a new automated system that will make life a lot easier for city taxi users. Equipped with artificial intelligence technology, Smart Direction identifies areas of the city with the highest demand for transport services and directs more cars to them.

As a result, passenger waiting times for taxis should be reduced, as well as fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs. In turn, the number of rides per vehicle should increase, and fleet efficiency should improve.

Source: Arabian Business

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