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Dubai Police teaches to deal with anonymous messages

Dubai Police have revealed the best way to deal with anonymous messages that people often receive on their smartphones. They advise not to reply or publish the message and instead to immediately report the incident to the authorities.

The police warn: “Do not respond to an anonymous message. Do not interact with the senders. Do not publish it, share it or distribute it. Contact the Dubai Police and report anonymous messages.

In particular, you can report messages containing drug advertisements by calling the toll-free number 901 or on the platform http://ecrime.ae. Since the beginning of 2023, subscribers in Dubai have literally been inundated with messages on WhatsApp – they come from anonymous senders.

The police have already received numerous complaints and found out that the messages are sent by drug dealers looking for customers in this way. In the anonymous messages, they also share the GPS coordinates of so-called “hideouts” and instructions on how to buy drugs.

The raid resulted in the arrest of 527 drug dealers. Criminals and dealers are using the latest technology to reach drug addicts, especially young people who are curious about everything new.

Earlier, authorities warned of penalties for advertising drugs on clothes and cars. The use of stickers depicting marijuana leaves, in particular, is considered an offence. Offenders face fines and imprisonment on repeat offences.

Police have warned the public against using such symbols, which in a foreign culture are seen as a demonstration of personal freedom, but they go against UAE social and religious values.

Under Article 55 of the UAE’s new anti-drug law, anyone who manufactures, imports, sells, owns or distributes goods or publications containing images, drawings and text that encourage the commission of drug and substance-related offences will face a fine of at least AED 50,000.

Meanwhile, anyone who wears such clothing or uses such publications will face a fine of up to AED 5,000, with a prison sentence of up to two years for a repeat offence. Authorities urge the public to remain vigilant and raise awareness among young people about the provisions of the law.

Source: Khaleej Times

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