Igor Sergeev

Igor Sergeev: top speaker of Yasnogram forum in Kazakhstan

Igor Sergeev, Yan Stashkevich, Natasha Bakhman, Mikhail Timochko, Nikolai Artemyev, Polina Marishova are the top experts that performed on the main stage of a large-scale offline conference on the development and monetization of the personal brand “Yasnogram”, that was held on April 2 in Almaty in Kazakhstan. More than 1,000 people were present in the hall, and all of them had the opportunity not only to see the performances of their media idols in person, but also to become participants of effective communication, find new partners and clients; learn how to create an authentic brand from scratch, feel free to be yourself and make money on it, clearly show your expertise without templates and monetize it.

The topics of the speakers’ speeches were devoted to Instagram trends 2023/2024, selling content, warm-ups and blogging, monetization of personal and commercial blogs on social networks, secrets and tricks of million launches, funnels and sales strategies.

Igor Sergeev on the stage of Yasnogram Forum

Igor Sergeev became one of the top experts of the forum, he is also the founder of the PR company “Papa Media”, a talented singer Istomin, the founder of the largest business forum “Another Level” in Dubai, the editor-in-chief of the famous publications “Dubai People” and “Wow Magazine”, the winner of the Influencers Awards for significant contribution to the development of media business in Dubai. Igor took part in such an event for the first time in Kazakhstan and received incredible feedback from the audience, that considered his speech one of the most informative, motivating and bright.

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