Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality launches platform for investors

Dubai Municipality has launched an innovative platform to showcase and facilitate co-investment opportunities for the private sector worth approximately AED 576.3 million.

The platform will allow private sector investors to submit proposals for joint projects with Dubai Municipality or apply for existing co-investment opportunities offered by the organisation. The new platform provides a streamlined and transparent channel for evaluating and approving ideas and proposals, saving time and hassle for investors.

The new platform is part of the municipality’s ongoing efforts to improve procedures and create a one-stop-shop for evaluation and partnerships with the private sector. The initiative promotes efficient management of the municipality’s financial resources and assets, and contributes to the sustainable development of the emirate.

The platform features an electronic system that allows both local and foreign investors to track the implementation and documentation of the investment process. The online platform significantly reduces the steps and time involved in the application, evaluation and approval process. The easily accessible platform aims to provide private sector investors, especially young entrepreneurs, with the opportunity to develop their projects and ideas and take advantage of the attractive investment opportunities offered by the municipality.

The platform will help different organisational units and committees involved in the investment process to simplify management procedures. It will also generate reports on investment opportunities and revenues and provide accurate and up-to-date data that can help decision makers. The platform will help the municipality to improve its efficiency, manage resources rationally and maximise returns and profits.

Investors, both in the UAE and abroad, can take advantage of the opportunities presented on the platform. The new platform can be accessed on the Dubai Municipality website.

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