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True Gamers launches robo-dog waiters in Dubai

The world’s first robot waiters will start working in branches of True Gamers, a chain of eSports clubs in Dubai. The robo-dogs will be remotely operated by a department of employees with special needs. The company’s robotic waiters are the first of their kind in the world.

The first three robots will be used one at a time in the chain’s clubs in Dubai – growing to 18-20 electronic waiters by the end of 2024. The robots are capable of navigating in space with moving objects, controlling the availability of goods, and delivering food and drinks.

True Gamers has invested US$100,000 in the production of the test technology, with an average monthly budget of US$10,000 for upgrades. True Gamers is part of the international holding company Cluborg.

Donna, a robot barmaid, will enter service at Dubai’s Donna Cyber-Cafe in 2023. As noted in the cafe, the cyborg is characterized by calm and feminine emotions, as well as a slight irony.

Donna can hold conversations with visitors and read their emotions. The robotic cafe is expected to be open 24/7 and visitors will find coffee and ice-cream dispensers.

Donna Cyber-Cafe will have several branches in Dubai. The robot has an estimated payback period of 1.5 years.

The robot cashier has realistic eyes and skin, and the new type of servo drives help her move her arms smoothly. In an hour, the complex can serve up to 60 customers.

Earlier, the robot consultant Promobot began serving visitors to Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in Dubai. It tells passers-by about tourist attractions and invites them to exhibitions and shows nearby.

He can be found on the first floor of the mall, where he puts on an intelligent show for visitors and helps them navigate the space. For an efficient launch, experts trained the robot on the mall’s main activities, installed a lingua franca in Arabic and English and set up a map for navigation.

Source: Forbes

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