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UAE ranked as food security leader

The United Arab Emirates ranks best in the Middle East and Africa region when it comes to food security and the ability to cope with supply chain disruptions, according to a report by analytical company GlobalData.

For example, the UAE is in the least risky position among 56 countries in the region when it comes to supply chain disruptions, rising inflation and debt, and food insecurity. The country’s closest competitors are Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

The ranking assessed the position of countries as of the fourth quarter of 2022. “Many countries in the Middle East and Africa region are heavily dependent on food imports, supply chain disruptions amid military conflicts in Ukraine and Syria and drought in African countries continue to pose serious challenges to food security,” the report said.

Streamlining logistics processes is critical to food security. To overcome the risks associated with the global food crisis, the UAE is actively introducing innovative agro-technologies. Thus, the country’s National Food Strategy provides for the acquisition of agricultural and food assets in different regions of the world – from Latin America to South Asia.

It is worth noting that the risks to the Middle East and Africa continue to grow amid a slowing global economy, tighter monetary policies, general geopolitical tensions and rising poverty rates.

The United Arab Emirates was previously ranked among the world’s top 10 in the annual Global Soft Power Index, which measures a country’s ability to influence others through persuasion rather than coercion.

The United States, the United Kingdom and Germany retained the top positions in the index. The Emirates, in turn, emerged as the Middle Eastern leader, ranking 10th in the global ranking. In particular, the country has increased its influence in diplomatic circles thanks to the world exhibition EXPO 2020, where it has established itself as a global trade hub.

The UAE has also become one of the most generous countries in terms of humanitarian aid (third in the world), as well as ranked third in the world in terms of economic growth potential. Planning a mission to Mars and preparations for the Cop28 climate summit helped the Emirates score extra points.

Source: The National

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