Interview with Amamoda: plans and goals for the future

Creativity undoubtedly makes our world and ourselves better. Diving into another reality, being alone with himself, fully trusting and accepting himself, a person acquires an incredible ability – the ability to manifest, open up and give a part of himself to others. We are able to enter a completely new stage discovering new facets in ourselves, raise our energy level to an unprecedented level and feel true happiness. Multifaceted and talented Amamoda (Anna Mashkovskaya) is a fashion designer, singer, artist, artist, poet, business lady shared her impressions about participation in the reality project “Another Level”, sources of her inspiration, extraordinary ideas and plans for the future.


1. Amamoda – who is she? What is she about? Who is she for?

The creation of my project “Amamoda” began during the period when I lived in Spain. The pseudonym “Amamoda” in Spanish is “ama la moda” – “love fashion” and it is also an abbreviation of my first and last name (Anna Mashkovskaya). Love for fashion for me is not just an interest in clothes and accessories, but above all a love for beauty in any of its manifestations.

One of my first fashion projects was a project in which I interviewed famous fashion people, business owners or managers, successful in their field, in order to get an expert opinion, find out what trends they follow in their industry and what it means to them personally. the concept of fashion. One of the most memorable was an interview with a famous restaurateur: special attention was paid to the stylish interior, color schemes, shapes, furniture and fittings. All this together shows the prestige and trendiness of the location.

Amamoda is a lifestyle for me, people who surround me, for which, just like for me, it is important to appreciate and create beauty. I help people see the beauty and aesthetics in everything that surrounds them with the help of my unique vision. Amamoda is for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

In the modern world, it is very difficult to notice something beautiful around you living in monotonous gray everyday life. Considering from the point of view of neural connections and the logic of thinking, it is possible to reconfigure our consciousness and shift the focus of attention so that even in a gray and uncomfortable fog we can see something mystically bewitching, magical and positive.

My main goal is to give people positive emotions and highlight for those who need the ways, thanks to which they can see the world in a different way through my own prism of perception. That is why my brand is about transformational codes, the individuality of each person and about the vision of the universe, the features and needs of the present time (unpacking oneself as a person, perceiving oneself as an individual, manifestation, awareness, scaling, etc.).

2. What is your manifestation?

In my opinion, and in the opinion of others, my manifestation lies in my multifacetedness, that is expressed in the fact that I am able to create a large number of worthy products equally well and without compromising quality and fullness. My manifestation is also in my courage to fulfill my dreams, desires, spontaneous ideas that respond to my inner feelings and intuition. I am not afraid to take risks and act regardless of my age and from all sorts of social restrictions, I go for broke in manifesting myself in different areas: I try myself as a singer, perform on stage, record songs. I do not divide everyone into good and bad, thanks to the high level of my empathy, I am able to feel people deeply, their energy fields, as well as find people close to me in spirit who are in the same stream with me.

My manifestation also lies in the ability to reveal the creative potential of other people: I can help a person and highlight his creative abilities, gain self-confidence and learn how not to be afraid to show up. I believe that many will be able to be inspired, set priorities correctly and find themselves and their own path, having learned my experience.


3. What is your inspiration? Who is the idol and ideological inspirer for you?

I am very inspired by travel and the very opportunity to live in another country, get acquainted and come into contact with another culture. One of the main stages of my life that shaped me as a creative person, filled me with inspiration and revealed me as an artist, was the period of my work as a model in the Philippines. I was lucky enough to work with a huge number of talented and creative photographers, makeup artists and stylists, to take part in filming in incredible fantastic locations. Thanks to this experience, I gained a wide vision, which was expressed in my work.

I am inspired by architecture, great artists, art in general. I am a multifaceted person, I really like to try something new, to learn different facets of people and myself. That is why I try to avoid Russian-speaking communities, when I am in a completely new place for myself, as this slows down the process of adaptation and integration into a new culture and society.

When traveling, I really like to try local cuisine, visit and discover new places that amaze with the aesthetics of dishes, their extraordinary presentation and serving, their decor and design that delight the eye, encourage creativity and the creation of real masterpieces.

I am inspired by passionate people who are fully involved in their work; elements, ocean and waves; minimalism, simplicity.

4. Recently you presented your debut song “Multifaceted”. Tell us about the process of its creation. What is the main idea you wanted to convey with the help of music and lyrics?

Recently, I felt the need for my transformation and the maximum filling of myself with feminine energy. I signed up for all women’s practices, vocals, dances, etc. I really wanted to create an author’s dance that could reveal my inner state and convey it with the help of beautiful movements. Having started working with the choreographer, I realized that one very important detail – music – is lacking in this unique performance to convey the full depth of my ideas. The idea of ​​creating an author’s song came to me just at that moment.

And then, I meet a talented and creative musician and sound producer Nikita on my way, having sent a request to the universe. We began work on writing lyrics and music after our personal communication and discussion of all the details and the desired result. I was absolutely ready for any musical experiments and creativity in any of its manifestations.

The song “Multifaceted” is a product of the joint work of a large number of creative people, it is not for everyone, and it is for conscious people striving for manifestation. With its help, I wanted to share my inner world and support people who are feeling bad and hard, help them rise and make their choice: either give up and live in a gray world, or take off and surrender to the flow of their manifestation, trust themselves and what the Universe has prepared for us. My song is a hymn and a call to manifestation.


5. You are also a designer. How did you get the idea to create your own clothing collection? What does it include?

The main role in the formation and definition of me as a designer was the project “Another Level”. Earlier I had to draw on clothes and, as a designer, I took part in collaborations with various brands. I have always wanted to express myself not only on paper, but also to be able to wear the products of my creativity. My first illustration on clothes was an inscription – a set of words about love for fashion in different languages. My works have always contained certain codes, words and phrases, their synergy. Unfortunately, I did not manage to make this area of my activity my profession at that time.

Thanks to participating in “Another Level” and unpacking my personal brand, together with the project team, we managed to identify and reveal my facets and understand that they lie in feeling, reflection and high empathy. We set clear goals and deadlines: I will have four different collections per year that will contain special transformational codes that will describe the mood of the world and will be able to make it better and happier at this moment; and a unique song will be created for each collection. I immediately began work on my first collection that was made up of shirts with the words of my song “Manyfaceted”.

I have an incredible idea to create a second song using a neural network after the successful presentation of my debut song and collection. I made the correct encoding into the neural network, and thanks to this, the song “Self-love” appeared, with the help of which I managed to convey the deep thought that every woman should love and fully accept herself, then she will radiate the energy that will lead her to the right relationships, people who surround her, self-realization and success in their profession, to making the right decisions.

At the moment, my plans are to create two new collections, as well as mentoring to unpack the potential through the creation of unique individual codes.

6. There are so many facets and directions in you that you devote your time to. How do you manage to combine everything?

I did not have the opportunity to combine and devote time to the desired areas of activity, working in the real estate industry and I made the decision to choose and make myself a priority here and now. At first, I only went into creativity and art, thanks to which I managed to open up and believe in myself and my strengths, but it is very important to return to the real world, to physical and ordinary things that cannot disappear from our field forever. I have made a comfortable schedule for myself, in which I transfer the most important moments related to my real estate activities to the first half of the day, I distribute the rest of the time between rest, the implementation of creative projects, sports, and education.

For anyone who wants to manifest, I would advise taking a little time out (no more than a month) to stop, hear yourself, understand what exactly brings you pleasure, remember what pleases and distracts, dream if you were someone else. However, it is very important to be able to return and think over specific things and strategies, further plans. It will become a huge opportunity all your life to do what you love, if you also manage to monetize the products of your work. I consider it especially important to be able to systematize myself, to accustom myself to constancy and bring my actions to any result, to motivate myself for every step taken, even in creativity.

7. What plans and goals in development, business and creativity do you set for yourself for the coming years?

In fact, I set incredibly ambitious plans for myself and strive to achieve them with great zeal. At the moment, I turned to a business planning agency for help that created a strategy for the development of my brand, as a result of which it will no longer be just a brand, but a whole holding that includes several areas: corporate, creative, creative agency, production center, fashion brand, Metaverse, NFT and charity.

I believe that all people and companies will talk with codes in the future that will carry values in themselves, and will act as the basis and foundation of everything, and I will become their guide.

We thank Anna for the interview, we wish her to achieve all her goals, scale herself and her product, and also make the world a better place with her creativity.

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