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For every woman, the way she looks is of the utmost importance. An attractive woman attracts the eyes of men and women alike. Each of us dreams of being the most attractive and charming.  Someone is lucky from nature that bestowed luxurious hair, beautiful figure. However, the gifts of nature are easy to lose if no efforts are made to save them. And, on the contrary, it is possible to increase what nature has given us, even it was not too generous to us.

Of course, each of us would like to turn into a princess with a wave of a magic wand. But fairies, unfortunately, are only in fairy tales. In real life, we have to cope with our own forces and improvised means. Specialists of Elmax Salon & Spa know exactly how to make any woman glow.

Lush, thick hair… It’s what every woman dreams of. True, you can’t increase the number of hair follicles on your head, but you can make it look fabulous. If you’ve lost the shine and beauty of your hair, you can make it shiny again with cosmetic procedures. Keratin conditioning, for example, can dramatically improve the quality of your hair, helping to bring back dry, brittle or dull hair that has been damaged by perms or bleaching. Biolamination can help restore lustre and colour to your hair by protecting it from harsh environmental conditions with a special cellulose film that leaves it supple. 

Add natural volume to your hair with a sun-kissed glow effect with blond highlights.  Natural colour and volume can be achieved with Chachout hair colouring, which creates a gradual transition from darker roots, adding depth to the colour, to lighter hair ends that give volume to the hair.

Bioswirl can help make your hair curly, as it doesn’t damage the structure of your hair or scalp, keeping it shiny and full of colour thanks to its natural ingredients.

A beautiful person must be beautiful in everything. But the real art is to make one’s face beautiful. Every woman must master it. The first step towards mastering this art is knowing how to take care of your skin.  Facial skin care begins with its deep cleansing, which helps to open up clogged and remove dead cells from the skin surface and makeup residue. Performing the cleansing procedure in a timely manner helps to keep your skin healthy. Skin can be cleansed with ultrasound or multi-acid peels, which do not damage the skin. The next step in skin care is skin nutrition which is aimed at maintaining the elasticity of the skin and preventing the skin from ageing, especially premature ageing and the formation of wrinkles. The lifting technology helps mature skin get back its firmness by helping the collagen fibres in your skin to thicken and tighten, and consequently wrinkles disappear.

The second step towards facial beauty is correct make-up, which should emphasise individuality, attractive features and conceal imperfections. However, make-up must be appropriate. The make-up artists of cosmetic salons will help you to find the right image and to apply a make-up that suits the occasion. The specialists of Elmax Salon & Spa will help to enhance and touch lashes, correct the shape and colour of eyebrows, show makeup techniques.

Healthy and well-groomed nails are an essential attribute of an attractive woman. A woman with pretty nails attracts attention, creates an impression of self-confidence and own attractiveness.  However, you should start with taking care of your hands’ nails, which should be systematic and regular.  A manicure should be done approximately every 10 days. One of the most popular manicures is the spa manicure, which is preferred by those who wish to hide their age.  A classic trim manicure can quickly get your nails in order, but it is better to entrust it to a competent manicurist, as there is a high probability of injury. European manicure is the safest and gentlest way to care for the nails. Modern technologies and cosmetics allow creating a beautiful manicure and giving you a lot of aesthetic pleasure. Not only will nail polish complete your look, but it will also protect your nails from environmental damage.

Pedicure must be taken seriously.  It’s not just about shaping your toenails, but also about caring for your feet and legs.  A pedicure involves gently removing rough skin from the feet, removing calluses, removing deformed nails and treating cuticles. Foot massage activates the body’s vital powers, as there are many vital points on the feet. A radically new method of pedicure is the so-called hardware pedicure. This treatment is safe, fast and accompanied by a pressure point massage during the entire treatment, thus ensuring a long-lasting effect.

When it comes to beauty, nothing is too small. At Elmax Salon & Spa, you can have any of the treatments listed above. You can get necessary consultations and quality cosmetic services by contacting the specialists of the salon.

And remember – beautiful, first of all, is the woman who likes herself!

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