Cycling tunnel opened in Meydan area

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has announced the opening of a new cycling tunnel in the Meydan area – with a capacity of 800 two-wheeled vehicles per hour.

The tunnel is 160m long and 6.6m wide, and its opening is part of the government’s efforts to make Dubai a cycling-friendly city, as well as to encourage locals to adopt an active lifestyle.

The new tunnel has made the Meydan cycle lane even more convenient for athletes and enthusiasts – traffic is now flowing smoothly. The tunnel is illuminated at night. The total length of bicycle lanes in Dubai is expected to reach 819 km by the end of 2026.

It is worth recalling that in March 2023, a new skate park DXBike started operating in Dubai’s Meydan district for fans of extreme stunts of different levels. The park is equipped with several tracks, including Pump Track – for those who want to practice tailwipe, barspin and footplant.

It is 1,350 square metres in size and has two tracks that can be used for skateboarding, BMX and rollerblading. The smaller track is intended for children and beginners, while the larger track is for experienced athletes.

The park is illuminated at night, which is important news for those who want to train during the cooler hours of the day. Visitors can rent safety gear from XDubai, bicycles from LOOP or BikeOn. There is a cafe within the park. There is an hour pass or you can buy a day pass or a monthly pass.

Source: Arabian Business

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