Swimming at night in Dubai allowed

With the onset of the hot summer season, Dubai Municipality will allow night swimming on some beaches. According to the municipality, tourists do not always make it to the beach during the day, so they should be given the opportunity to swim at night.

LED lighting systems have been installed on a number of beaches in the districts of Umm Sukeim and Jumeirah specifically for this purpose, as well as LED instructions with safety regulations. These will be switched on for visitors after sunset.

At night, lifeguards will be on duty on designated beaches to ensure the safety of bathers.

A new public beach was previously launched on Dubai Islands reclaimed islands in Dubai. Free to the public, Dubai Islands Beach is part of the Deira waterfront development project and is close to the Centara Mirage Beach Resort and Riu hotels.

The beach is expected to be very popular, as several restaurants and bars will open on the islands by the end of the year.

The beach can be reached by car and can also be reached by boat. Boat and boat owners can anchor off Nakheel Marina Dubai islands.

The Abu Dhabi Environmental Protection Agency had earlier warned beachgoers against contact with jellyfish, which have appeared in large numbers in coastal waters with the onset of the warm season. Marine biologists advise keeping a safe distance from them.

“Avoid contact with jellyfish. Keep a safe distance. If you are stung by a jellyfish, see a doctor or go to the hospital,” the agency added. There are seven species of jellyfish in UAE coastal waters. Most are harmless, but some can cause serious damage.

For instance, people with allergies should be careful, as jellyfish bites can lead to skin rashes. Severe symptoms include difficulty breathing, chest pain, muscle cramps, blisters on the skin, numbness or tingling, nausea or vomiting, stomach pain or excessive sweating.

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