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Dubai Police use AI to predict crime

In the first quarter of 2023, Dubai’s serious crime rate dropped by 25% compared to the first quarter of last year, the Criminal Investigation Department of Dubai Police said. The rate of crimes that are not “disturbing” also fell by 7.1%.

It is noted that police officers have improved their efficiency in predicting crimes – for this purpose, the policemen are using modern artificial intelligence technology.

Earlier, the Dubai Police urged Influencers and social media content producers to abandon the new craze of filming unattended wallets and smartphones. Bloggers on TikTok and Instagram have started filming such videos to demonstrate the high level of security in the emirate, in pursuit of likes and views.

In particular, they leave valuables unattended in public places as well as in unlocked cars. Major General Jamal Al Jallaf, head of the Criminal Investigation Department, urged not to disregard security and leave valuables unattended at beaches and shopping malls and not to popularise such practices on social media.

“We are proud of Dubai’s reputation as the safest city in the world, but content creators posting such online videos are neglecting safety,” he said. Some of the videos show people leaving their flats and leaving their doors unlocked. Such videos gather millions of views.

It is worth recalling that since 2017, several areas in Dubai have been operating Smart Police stations without police officers Smart Police Station.

Dozens of Dubai Police services are available to residents and visitors to Dubai. Among the most popular are obtaining a criminal record certificate, paying fines, opening a case and searching for lost items.

You can also report a crime (confidentially), access government services, apply for an unsecured cheque, complain about a labour dispute or report a traffic accident – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A station with a bright red logo and the words Smart Police Station (SPS) can be found in popular residential and tourist areas of the emirate and get help in seconds – through a terminal and interactive technology.

The project is in line with Dubai’s strategy to become the world’s ‘smartest’ city, in which artificial intelligence plays a key role. The crime rate in this future is at its lowest level thanks to the ubiquitous penetration of technology, and the number of visitors to police stations has been reduced by 80%.

Source: Arabian Business

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