Dubai Reefs

Dubai Reefs project launched in Dubai

Dubai has announced the launch of the world’s largest artificial reef mega-project, Dubai Reefs. The project will include residential, hotel, commercial, educational and research facilities.

According to URB, acting as the developer of the project, its objective is also to strengthen Dubai’s position as a leader in sustainable marine initiatives. In particular, researchers will work to conserve marine and coastal flora and fauna.

The artificial reef will cover 200 square kilometres and will be home to more than 1 billion corals and 100 million mangroves. The eco-houses to be built as part of the project will be powered by renewable energy sources, including solar and hydroelectric power.

A key feature of the project will be regenerative marine farming, an environmentally friendly technology for food production. The project is said to be important for Dubai, as well as other coastal cities where there is a risk of rising sea levels.

The Dubai Reefs project, as envisioned by the developer, will transform Dubai into an eco-friendly destination where sea and land are developed in harmony. It is expected that other seaside cities will also want to adopt this initiative.

Back in 2021, the developer Kleindienst Group announced plans to build a coral reef network four kilometres off the Dubai coast, around the artificial islands of The World Islands archipelago.

The area of the reef should reach 500 thousand square meters. As previously reported by marine biologists, 73% of all coral off the UAE coast has been killed by human activities.

Back in 2019, an agreement was signed between the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and The Fujairah Adventure Centre to build the world’s largest coral reef off the coast of the emirate of Fujairah.

The project, called The Fujairah Cultured Coral Reef Gardens, will be cultivated in the Gulf of Oman and will cover an area of 60 football fields. The reef will cover 300,000 square metres and will be populated by 1.5 million corals over the next few years.

The project aims to both conserve marine life and increase fish populations, as well as attract divers and nature lovers from the UAE and abroad.

Source: Arabian Business

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