The Palm Fountain

The Palm Fountain show suspended

Dubai has suspended The Palm Fountain show, the largest light and music fountain show at The Pointe restaurant and entertainment destination, from 15 May until further notice. It is clarified that the closure is due to the redevelopment of the structure.

The Palm Fountain, the world’s largest light and music fountain, was launched in October 2020. The attraction is a Guinness Book of World Records entry. The fountain, illuminated by 3,000 LED lights, covers an area of 1.3 thousand square meters and is able to throw jets of water to a height of up to 105 meters.

The Palm Fountain is the only multicoloured fountain in Dubai. The music in the evening shows ranges from international hit songs to classical pieces and oriental khaliji music.

The fountain was designed with sustainability in mind: the water is drawn directly from the sea without any special water storage and filtration equipment, and the show features energy-saving technology.

It is worth recalling that the fate of the world’s largest Ferris wheel, Ain Dubai, remains unclear – its relaunch date has been postponed until “further notice”. The ride was closed for maintenance in March 2022 and promised to reopen to the public in the first quarter of this year, but no new announcements about the re-launch date have yet been made.

The Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel on Bluewaters Island is part of Dubai’s collection of world records. The wheel is unrivalled in the world with a height of 250 metres. The upper reaches offer breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the restaurants, malls and residences below.

Ain Dubai officially opened on 21 October 2021 and has 48 passenger cabins that can accommodate more than 1,750 visitors at a time, day or night. It is designed for families, romantic couples as well as special events and parties such as dinner in the sky.

An entertainment complex is placed at the base of the attraction and the wheel itself has a huge LED screen. The air-conditioned booths offer views of the whole of Dubai, its man-made islands and the Persian Gulf.

Source: Al Arabiya English

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