Alexander Lozben

Alexander Lozben to plant one tree for every ASIC sold in June.

Alexander Lozben is a crypto investor, financial technology expert, IT entrepreneur, and founder of the company Interhash (http://interhash.ru/), one of the largest suppliers of mining equipment in the CIS.

Today Alexander announced an initiative in his Twitter profile according to which the company will plant one tree for every ASIC sold in June.

Alexander’s comments regarding the launch of the campaign:

“Many people think that mining harms the environment, but Interhash chooses only those places where electricity is generated from renewable sources. At the same time, we of course see that not all energy is “green,” and that many miners really cannot follow the same principles.

I sincerely believe that since the company earns using natural resources, it should take care of the environment and be environmentally responsible. Planting trees is the least we can do. And let this be a good start.”

The campaign, announced by Alexander Lozben, will not only increase interest in the company and attract new assets, but also draw public attention to the importance of helping the nature and the environment.

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