House of Hype

House of Hype to be opened in Dubai

Dubai Mall, Dubai’s largest shopping and entertainment complex, will open a new attraction – an immersive theme park House of Hype with elements of the Metaworld. As conceived by the authors of the project, it will be a fusion of real and digital space.

The park will have several halls with bright screens, in the background of which visitors are expected to take photos to be published on Instagram. The park, which will cover 100,000 square feet, is scheduled to open in late 2023.

House of Hype is a celebration of hype culture with a focus on fashion, gaming, music and NFT. The digital entertainment space will offer visitors games and shopping experiences as well as a fully immersive virtual world.

House of Hype is created by the same team as AYA at Wafi City Mall, which is a next generation immersive entertainment experience. Visitors are taken on an interactive journey through 12 rooms of an alternate universe combining art and technology.

Park guests gain an unforgettable experiential experience as they stroll through blooming gardens, dance with avatars of uncharted worlds, control observatories, cross rivers connecting infinite dimensions, and simply dream in places where stars sing and flowers bloom in moon dust. The theme park was created especially for Dubai.

Source: Time Out Dubai

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