Bitcoin Tower to be built in Dubai

Dubai has announced plans to build a 40-storey Bitcoin Tower, which will be dedicated to bitcoin and its creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin Tower is expected to represent the world’s first hotel in which guests will earn money on their stay.

Room payments will be transferred to a cryptocurrency wallet in the form of bitcoin – to profit from the coin’s growth. On check-out day, guests will be transferred the money they managed to earn from steaking during their stay.

Bitcoin Tower, which will also be eco-friendly, is planned to be built with elements of the Metaworld – guests will be able to take virtual walks around the hotel. The design of the project is promised to be announced in the near future along with the start date of construction.

Recall that in the autumn of 2021 the construction of a unique tower in the form of a clothes peg called Clothespin was announced in Dubai. The tower is planned to be completed by 2026, it will contain luxury hotel, art galleries, residential apartments and a shopping centre, and also digital currency will be in circulation.

The 170-meter skyscraper was designed by Israeli architect and artist Zaigo, known for his series of innovative sculptures. According to his idea, the clothes peg will be a single complex of two identical halves facing each other. The architect has described his project as a symbol of unity, love and peace.

The first tower will be commercial and will house a shopping mall, restaurants and a contemporary art gallery, while the second will house a 1200-room hotel and 300 residential units.

A fitness centre and luxury spa will also be included. Cryptocurrency payments will be available in the mall, hotel and shops. According to plans announced earlier, the architects plan to start construction in 2023.

Source: Be in Crypto

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