Tatyana Solo

Interview with energy coach Tatyana Solo

Energy coaches and mentors play an important role in a person’s life in the modern world. They guide and help achieve their goals through the level of their own energy, the state of love and acceptance of the world around them. Thus comes the realization and understanding that not only our thoughts, but also actions and their results depend on energy.

Tatyana Solo is an energy coach, founder of the school of energy coaching, author of transformational energy practices. She shared her experience, thoughts and secrets on how to become a happy person.

1. Tatyana Solo is number 1 in terms of energy, sexuality and spirituality. What do these three terms mean to you?

I would single out three main types of the energy, speaking about it: physical, mental (personal) and spiritual. Physical energy is most understandable to people. It is a resource (vigor, activity. The presence of a large number of desires and forces for their realization), thanks to which a person feels and his body is healthy, active, and full of strength. There is enough vital energy to fulfill all the ideas that come to us.

Mental is the energy of our thoughts and beliefs. It can be completely different: from the energy of ideas that inspire and expand us, help us believe in ourselves, to limiting beliefs, fears, programs. Mental energy has tremendous power over a person, however, no less important than physical energy.

Spiritual energy is the energy of our soul with karmic tasks, desires and feelings. It is important to hear and know these desires, to follow the voice of your soul, to be able to resist the rules and norms of society and to show your uniqueness in the world.

A person needs to observe the unity of these three energies for a successful and happy life: body, mind and soul. An energy coach works with a person on all three levels, but mostly with spiritual energy, helps to release compressed energy, removes blocks that prevent it from moving, gives tools for filling and managing energy, for the realization of the task of the soul.

The concepts of “sexuality” and “spirituality” are closely interrelated, although in society it is often customary to separate and oppose them. Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies that exist in a person. It is suppressed by society precisely in order to make a person unfree, weak and dependent. However, we like charismatic people with a passion for life and with a manifest sexual energy. We want to listen to them and are ready to buy from them.

2. Why does a person need an energy coach?

An energy coach is a person who helps to see the real you and live your life not according to someone else’s rules (state, religion, family, literature, etc.). All this moves a person away from his true essence and desires, and the truth is, what our soul says. People begin to live according to the program of the mind, according to the rules of the ego, personality and their limitations not following the call and desires of their soul. Energy coaching allows you to remove these programs, see the truth about yourself, release energy that was fettered in the current life, for example, in childhood, or even in the family or in reincarnation. Our soul has the experience of incarnation in different lives, and each of these lives has accumulated certain tasks that need to be solved within the allotted time. A person will be able to understand what he should do, how to earn money in ease, enjoy life, rejoice without competition and eternal haste thanks to working with an energy coach.

Working with an energy coach helps to quickly solve and cope with the difficulties and problems of various levels that may be encountered on the path of the person. He will already know what exercises and practices can help him overcome difficulties, he will be able to come to an energy coach and identify the true causes of his problems. Why does he forbid and restrict himself in anything. Find out why he is not successful in his career, what he is afraid of or shy about. All this is written in the energy code that is inside every person. You will have new ideas, a new state, friends, money, prospects, work, after working through these moments with an energy coach,.

3. What results are your students achieving? Are their lives, views, principles and attitudes radically changing?

Life changes dramatically when a person is able to free his subconscious from everything unnecessary. Having worked through energy and his attitudes, the person who  believed that it was impossible to combine career and family all his life, suddenly begins to easily combine these two areas of his life, becomes satisfied, happy and finds time for everything he needs.

Some of the most common requests are the problems of creating a family, maintaining relationships, attraction and passion, career and development, and the monetary sphere. The person understands that everything is possible after working through these moments: he can have a family and children, and at the same time maintain passion in a relationship. A huge number of installations in the monetary sphere are removed and the person who used to be afraid to earn money because he has some kind of negative birth experience, releases energy, removes blocks and begins to receive income and sees new ideas easily and happily.

Tatyana Solo

4. What projects and ideas did you manage to implement? What are they about and who are they for? Which of them can you highlight and why?

One of my most amazing projects is the charitable foundation “Live with culture”. The idea of this project was to open a creativity class in one of the orphanages, and with the help of professional teachers, acting trainings, work with voice and body, help children find contact with themselves, understand themselves better, find space and a mentor, next to whom they can open up. I met people who liked my idea and invested in the project during my energy therapy period. Thanks to this, I was able to open 24 art classes in orphanages throughout Russia.

At the moment my charitable foundation “Live with culture” continues its work and is an amazing example of how quickly our ideas can materialize when they are worked through energy.

I also want to highlight my project – the school of energy coaching “Solo”.

 I received a lot of feedback and requests from my audience during my study and personal transformation – “I want the same. How to learn it? During one of my live broadcasts, I announced only the cost and duration of my training course. As a result, we recruited a group of thirty people and closed the acceptance of applications without a website. Thus, my school of energy coaching was born, that has already about 1000 graduates.

5. What should be a modern woman?

A modern woman should be herself! I teach precisely that we owe nothing to anyone, neither to ourselves, nor to relatives, nor to society. The only thing is that we owe our souls. When we do what our soul asks, then everything in our life begins to change. A real woman is in touch with herself, lives her life, where she does what she really wants with all her heart, regardless of the surrounding opinion.

6. How to become a happy person?

You can become a happy person only when you have learned to feel and live in the moment. If you do not feel and do not understand yourself, it’s time to turn to an energy coach or spiritual mentor. You are on your way to enjoy the process, when you are in touch with your feelings and your life. You accept life with all its manifestations: happiness, sadness, crises, luck, problems in business, and so on.

7. How often do you follow your intuition? When is it better to trust intuition, and when to logic?

In my opinion, it is always necessary to trust and follow your intuition. Intuition is to be able to anticipate what will happen and how best to act. You need to develop sensitivity to be able to understand your feelings, to feel the energy of other people, the atmosphere that is happening around now.

Logic will help you implement the solution that you have already chosen. Here you may need a structure, goals, tasks, etc.

It is important to follow and listen to your intuition for great outstanding results.

We thank Tatyana Solo for the interview and wish her to always follow her intuition and be in harmony with herself and the world around her.

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