Vladislava Khomutova

Vladislava Khomutova tells about her path to the profession of nutritionist

It is becoming a trend to lead a healthy lifestyle, monitor your diet, give up bad habits and play sports at the present time. This positive trend is brought to us by celebrities and popular people through social networks, television and media. However, there is a fairly large part of people with a busy schedule and a frantic pace of life who do not have the opportunity, and sometimes just the desire, to find time for themselves, monitor their physical and spiritual condition, make the right diet for eating, etc. In order to solve their requests people seek the help of specialists in the field nutriciology regarding weight loss or weight gain, improve their appearance (get rid of edema, improve skin condition, solve the problems of hair loss and brittle nails), restore the digestive tract and increase energy levels

Vladislava Khomutova is 29 years old. She is a certified nutritionist, member of the association of nutritionists and health coaches. She has more than five years of experience in nutrition and nutrition science. Vladislava considers the body as a whole, including psychology. The purpose of her methods of work is to find out the causes of ailments and weight gain, on the basis of which further works plan is built. Vladislava’s accompaniment includes a strong educational part, after passing which, a person will be able to independently compose a menu, regulate his diet and understand the basis of nutrition and lifestyle.

1. Vladislava, you are a certified nutritionist, member of the association of nutritionists and health coaches. How did you get into nutrition?

In adolescence, it seemed to me that something was wrong with my body at some point, that it was imperfect. I began to try various diets, “burn calories”, exercise intensively due to the nature of my perfectionist, and all my thoughts were directed solely to this. Such a system of total control was transferred to the years of my studies at the university. I was a vegetarian for about eight years and a vegan about five of them, and also I was a fruitarian for three years. Psychological problems are inevitable on such a diet, so I experienced all the consequences and conditions of psychological eating disorders, but this is what led me to nutrition.

 I immersed myself in science, biochemistry and evidence-based medicine five years ago. Only knowledge of nutrition and dietology led me to health, stable weight, beautiful body and healthy mind. Therefore, it is so important to know what is actually happening in our body, how any food is broken down, where and how it affects hormones, energy and condition. We need to learn how to give the body the “fuel” that is vital, otherwise the system breaks down, and hence there is a craving for sweets, compulsive overeating, etc.

2. What education is required to become a nutritionist?

I have been continuously learning and working with clients over the past 5 years. I studied in the best schools of preventive medicine based on evidence-based medicine. New studies are released every second and my working day begins with the analysis and study of the latest research in the field of medicine, since it is impossible to consider nutrition as a separate area, you need to consider the body as a whole: look at the work of hormones, lifestyle and the presence of diseases.  It is not enough to go through just one training course in order to become a nutritionist, this is such a large-scale science that requires the obligatory acquisition of basic knowledge of anatomy, cell structure, tissues, organs, systems, hormones, etc. You can move on to the topic of nutrition, nutritional value, diets, calories, lifestyle correction only after acquiring this knowledge.

3. Why does psychology play an important role in nutrition?

Psychology plays a major role in nutrition, as the relationship with food is as intimate as the relationship with a partner. Why does a person overeat? What inner void do we fill with food? What dissatisfaction with our life affects nutrition and our physical condition? What patterns from childhood do we carry over into adulthood? Our three bodies are inseparable – physical, emotional (consciousness) and mental (spiritual), so a change in any body will entail a change in the rest. Nutrition, sports and other physical efforts will immediately appear on our condition and affect our life as a whole.

4. With what requests do people most often turn to you as a specialist? Where does your work with a client begin?

Most often people want external changes, but in the process of working on oneself, a person completely changes, not only externally: the lifestyle changes, habits and acceptance change, self-love and respect come, a person becomes happier and more conscious.

In addition, frequent requests are hair loss, skin rashes, chronic fatigue, apathy. People are confused by the kilotons of information about nutrition, and do not understand where the truth is: gluten, dairy, vegetarianism, keto diet, intermittent fasting. We put everything in its place at the consultations, because only proven studies, health analysis and medicine can fully answer these questions without “fantasy” and our own conclusions.

Working with a client always begins with filling out a questionnaire together, as practice shows that a person can fill out a questionnaire thoughtlessly, leave something out and not highlight important details. There is an opportunity to orient and ask additional questions during the dialogue.

Vladislava Khomutova

5. What methods do you use in your work?

 A person receives from me a document with an analysis of his physical data in the first days after the preliminary survey: is there a deficit / surplus of weight, what percentage of fat, risks of diseases, and so on. He also receives an analysis of his nutritional status: calories, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, surpluses of certain nutrients; analysis of lifestyle, eating habits and behavioral responses. After that I adjust the client’s diet based on his preferences and give recommendations for lifestyle changes.

 I always give feedback, support, and answer questions through telephone conversations or personal meetings in the course of our work, since I consider it necessary not only to give recommendations, but to explain why we are making such adjustments.

6. What results do your clients achieve?

A person understands how to shape his nutrition and knows what to do next at the end of our joint work. He achieves the desired result only on the condition of our common work, the desire to change and the willingness to act.

I consider the highest appreciation and true pleasure in my work the acquired ability of my client not only to achieve results pointwise, but the ability to create a strong foundation and understand how to eat all his life, strengthening his health, improving his appearance, becoming more self-confident, gaining love and acceptance .

7. Do you run marathons, trainings, and educational webinars? What kind of feedback do you get from the participants after they are held?

I have been doing personal and individual work with clients until now, but realizing that the most common request from people is to lose weight and understand the principles of healthy eating, I began working on a marathon program that includes not only diets for weight loss, but also small instructional videos. Such a marathon will allow you to get the desired result and knowledge at an affordable price.

8. What are your plans and goals for the future?

At the moment, I have completed work on lecture material on the topic of nutrition, health, lifestyle. I consider my main goal to share with all the knowledge that I have, to make them accessible and understandable to everyone, so that this leads people to a completely different quality of life, as well as to publish a book so that this knowledge is easily accessible to everyone.

A nutritionist is a blessed profession that helps a person find harmony and improve himself, it sets the right direction and helps to find the right path.

I wish everyone to go through this path of improvement, balance and excellent relationship with food in ease and awareness!

We thank Vladislava for the interview and wish her development, success and the launch of her new projects.

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