Medicine delivery drones introduced in Dubai

Dubai has tested drones capable of delivering medicines to those in need. The project was initiated by Fakeeh University Hospital in Dubai Silicon Oasis to improve the efficiency of logistics services.

The medication was delivered to the patient’s home, the drone successfully covered a distance of 10 km. The new service will enable the hospital to respond more rapidly to patient requests, including potentially saving lives in critical situations.

There have been several drone demonstrations in the UAE previously, including drones being used to extinguish fires, monitor weather conditions, and in agricultural operations to plant seeds. In Dubai, drones have been used to extinguish fires in high-rise buildings.

In February 2023, one of the leading transport and logistics companies Aramex announced the successful completion of testing of robotic couriers, including drones. The testing took place as part of the ‘Delivery of the Future’ programme.

The programme involves the use of intelligent delivery solutions and improved last-mile logistics. It is planned that the robots will make order delivery more economical and faster, as well as reducing harmful emissions.

Kiwibot’s unmanned ground delivery robots use high-tech sensors, cameras, radar and artificial intelligence to navigate around the area, as well as advanced GPS navigation to plot multiple routes.

In addition to autonomous delivery vehicles, Aramex has also launched mobile trucks that allow control of drones and bots, and offer drop-off and pick-up points anywhere close to customers.

Source: Arabian Business

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