Emirates to use recycled tableware on board

In honour of World Environment Day on June 5, with the theme of fighting plastic (#BeatPlasticPollution), Emirates has announced it will introduce new recycled tableware on board this month. Millions of old and damaged crockery items in economy and premium economy classes will be collected, washed and inspected for damage.

The items will then be taken to a facility in Dubai for recycling and making new plates, bowls and trays. They will then be made available to Emirates Catering Service, which will reuse them on board.

In partnership with deSter FZE UAE, a leading supplier of serving utensils concepts to the aviation industry and an expert in closed-loop manufacturing, Emirates will reuse plastic materials that have already served their useful life and would already have to be scrapped. New trays, baking forms, plates and bowls containing at least 25% recycled plastic (recyclate) will be reused on board aircraft worldwide. In the future, their share will increase.

Emirates replaces more than 150 million single-use plastic items, such as plastic straws, bags and cocktail sticks, with paper and wood products each year.

In its Economy and Premium Economy Class cabins, Emirates offers passengers soft plaids, each made from 28 recycled plastic bottles. In one year, the initiative helps avoid 88 million plastic bottles going into landfill.

Emirates’ current range of plush toys, bags and children’s travel kits are made from recycled plastic bottles. More than eight million plastic bottles are used to make travel kits annually.

Emirates food tray bowl covers and plastic cups are made from 80 per cent recycled plastic.

Emirates travel kits for economy and premium economy passengers are made from alternative materials such as kraft paper, rice paper and recycled plastic.

Emirates flight attendants sort glass and plastic bottles for recycling in Dubai, keeping around 500,000 kilograms of plastic and glass out of landfill in 2022.

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