Pedicure and foot health with Elmax Salon & Spa

“Why do I need a pedicure if no one can see my feet?” – That’s what nearly all men and some women think during the cold season when they’re wearing closed-toed shoes. But Elmax Salon & Spa knows that a pedicure is not just for attracting stares, this procedure has other functions as well.


Probably the first thing that the client expects from this kind of treatment is beautiful nails, smooth pink heels and skin on the soles of the feet without corns and thickenings. Not only women should have well-groomed feet, many men also enjoy using the services of a pedicure specialist. Of course, there is a difference in the men’s pedicure: nails are not covered with decorative varnish, allowed to apply a colorless protective coating. For clients who complain of an unattractive form of nails and roughness, masters of Elmax Salon & Spa offer nail extension – an artificial covering reliably masks the acquired and congenital defects, makes a nail plate perfect for varnish application. For women, the creation of nail design opens the same unlimited possibilities as in manicure: nail coating may be monochrome, French, with various drawings, with rhinestones, metal decorations. In summer and spring, choose bright, saturated shades, in autumn and winter – calmer tones. Modern fashion does not adhere to strict rules in the choice of colours of nail polish, you can choose the same tone with a manicure or with clothes, you can use a contrasting combination. The main thing is to keep your nails looking neat so you’re not ashamed to wear open-toed shoes.


Well-tended nails and skin are largely immune to fungal infections and other ailments. Excessive sweating of the feet can lead to dermatomycosis and onychomycosis, very dry skin can develop scaling and cracking. A pedicure can help prevent these and other conditions from developing.

Pedicure is used to prevent fungal infection, corns, dry calluses and corns, ingrown nails, inflammation of nail bed, excessive sweating and cracks.

There are several types of pedicure: classic trimming, European edging, hardware, spa pedicure. The hardware method is the most popular among the visitors of Elmax Salon & Spa. This pedicure is performed using pedicure apparatus with a variety of rotating nozzles, which gently grind skin, treat nails and cuticles. The advantage of this technique is that it’s best done on dry skin without any pre-soaking. During the dry treatment, the cutters only remove the dead skin and do not disturb the healthy skin, whereas softened skin (classical pedicure) tends to remove live tissue.

Pedicure serves as prevention for skin and nail problems in the following ways: Compacted and already keratinised skin is removed, so dry calluses, corns and cracks are prevented. The removal of burrs and proper treatment of the nail bed prevents nail inflammation. Blood circulation is improved due to the massage effect, so the sweat glands are normalized and the risk of fungal infection is reduced. It helps to form nail plate properly and prevents nail ingrowth.


Natural oils are used for nail and cuticle care – it improves nail growth, strengthens nails and reduces nail fragility. Creams and other products that are used during pedicure nourish and moisturize the skin, prevent its drying and cracking.

During the day, your feet are under a lot of stress, and if you don’t take good care of them, you may develop a variety of illnesses. Sometimes a professional treatment is enough to get rid of them.

Conditions for which pedicure can help: dry calluses and corns, deep heel cracks, ingrown nails, hyperkeratosis, skin and nail plate fungus, inflammation of the nail bed, subnail hemorrhages, hyperhidrosis of the feet, diabetic foot syndrome. The abovementioned problems are the reason to consult a podiatrist for a medical pedicure. Medical pedicure has many advantages over other types of pedicure, and is used in the most difficult cases.


Clients of Elmax Salon & Spa know the secret: if you want to relax, enjoy and benefit at the same time, make an appointment for a pedicure. The fact is that there are many reflexogenic points on the feet, the stimulation of which reduces nervous and mental tension, improves the mood and brings wonderful peace. Every pedicure has a massage effect and makes the client feel so much better after the treatment. The most relaxing effect is given by spa pedicure – baths with sea salt, aroma oils, hand massage and soft music have a favourable effect on the nervous system. Another effect after the procedure is an unusual lightness in the legs, as the skin gets rid of dead layers and begins to breathe. Many clients note that in the first hours after visiting the salon, it seems that the legs “fly by themselves”, and body weight is reduced by a kilo or two. It helps to feel confident, even if your feet have closed shoes. After all, any situation can happen in life: an unexpected visit to the doctor, a trip to the pool – with a beautiful pedicure there will never be a feeling of embarrassment, self-esteem will always be on top.


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