Dubai as one of the world’s most scenic cities

Dubai has been ranked sixth on the list of the world’s most scenic cities, according to a study conducted by the online portal Travelbag following an analysis of 100 cities’ Instagram and TikTok social media profiles.

The experts concluded that the views of Dubai are among the best in the world for pictures posted on social media. First place went to London, with Paris and Berlin in the top three. By the way, New York and London were the most viewed cities on TikTok.

The renowned Condé Nast Traveler magazine included Dubai in its list of the world’s most beautiful cities to visit in the summer. The magazine described this amazing city as a perfect summer holiday destination for sun-seekers.

It is worth noting that Dubai was ranked second on the list of places travellers should visit by the end of 2023. Among the reasons cited by Condé Nast Traveler is its strategic geographical location.

This year was marked by the opening of Atlantis The Royal Hotel in Dubai, which raised the standard of luxury to a new level. New York topped the list, with other megacities such as Sydney, Argentina, Oslo and Bangkok.

Source: What’s On

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