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Heart of Europe archipelago to get second hotel

The Heart of Europe archipelago off the coast of Dubai is preparing to open a second hotel. The 264-room Nice resort is expected to be operational by the end of 2023. The Cote d’Azur Monaco resort, with 198 rooms and suites, is currently receiving guests on the islands.

In this way, the project is gradually forming an analogue of the French Riviera. In the future the developer Kleindienst Group plans to bring the resorts of Cannes and Saint-Tropez into operation. The Heart of Europe project consists of six islands connected by bridges. They can be reached from Dubai shore by boat, seaplane and helicopter.

On the archipelago, as previously reported, an imperial-style hotel called The Tsar is also preparing to open. The resort’s design is inspired by the Maldives and will be designed for honeymooners looking to spend their honeymoon in Dubai.

Other additions to the collection will include Venice Hotel, the first seven-star hotel dedicated to Venice, which will offer accommodation for guests both above and below water; Portofino Hotel, the region’s first five-star family hotel with 514 aquariums; Empress Elizabeth, a dedicated seven-star wedding hotel with just one room; Hygge Hotel, a 115-room Danish-style hotel; and other hotels dedicated to European resorts.

In May 2023, the Hotel Cote d’Azur Monaco unveiled a unique attraction – a street where it rains all year round. The street is kept at a constant temperature of +27°C, 60% humidity and a wind speed of 5km/h by climate control. It is planned that in the future the “Rain Street” will also have snow.

The Kleindienst Group wanted to bring a piece of the European climate to hot Arabia, at least during the summer months. Hotel guests can walk around for free, all other tourists can order a AED 300 pass by calling 800 387 673.

Cold water runs off the roof of the buildings through pipes hidden in the structure. The intensity of the rain is adjustable from drizzle to downpour. The project is solar-powered and was created in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, one of Europe’s leading research organisations.

Source: Hotelier Middle East

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