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Dubai museums launch summer camps

Dubai’s Al Shindaga and Etihad museums have announced the opening of summer camps for children aged 8 to 12. The initiative comes from the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

The summer camp for young adventurers at Al Shindagh Museum will offer children an educational programme called Journey from Land to Sea. For a fortnight (July 17-28), participants will learn about the heritage and history of Dubai and the UAE. They will learn about the profession of pearl diving, the local marine environment and traditional crafts practiced by coastal residents.

The Explorer Summer Camp at the Etihad Museum will be open from July 10-21. The programme is an educational expedition full of fun and cultural activities.

During the camp children will be able to ‘travel back in time’ to 1968 and learn about the geography of the seven emirates and how life was at that time. The lectures will enable children to get a deeper insight into the UAE’s history and the significant events which took place between 1968 and 1972, as well as try to imagine the country’s future.

Abdallah Al Obaidli, acting director of Al Shindagh Museum, stressed the importance of the summer camps: “Through the summer camp we aim to introduce future generations to the wealth of the Emirati heritage and explain the importance of preserving it. The camp programme includes various educational and cultural workshops and activities related to the local marine and desert environment.”

Abdallah Al Falasi, director of Etihad Museum, said the summer camps are an ideal environment in which children can develop their intellectual skills and learn to build social relationships. All activities in the camps will be conducted in Arabic and English.

Source: Edarabia

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