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Gyms and fitness centres in Dubai to receive star rating

Dubai’s gyms and fitness centres will be assessed and given a star rating under a new classification system. The Dubai Sports Council on Thursday announced the launch of the evaluation panel, made up of international experts. The maximum ranking position is five stars.

The process has already started and the results will be announced in October. Gyms and fitness centres that rank lowest will be given recommendations and development plans to improve the quality of service.

The evaluation system includes 17 main criteria and 82 additional indicators, including the quality of equipment, trainers’ qualifications, safety measures, staff satisfaction and more.

Members of the fitness industry supported the endeavours of the Dubai Sports Council. They believe the innovation will prioritise the health and well-being of the Emirati people.

According to Enhance Fitness CEO, Tarek Munir, the company is extremely excited to welcome another project that will raise the quality of the industry in the UAE to a new level. The introduction of the rating and rating system will support Dubai residents’ desire for a healthy lifestyle.

Chief Operating Officer of Snap Fitness UAE, Afshad Mistri, said that the exceptional initiative by the Dubai Sports Council will help the Emirate rank first in the fitness industry. The innovation will benefit gym-goers immensely and provide them with better fitness facilities.

Source: Khaleej Times

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