Emirates passengers eat 40 million chocolate products a year

Emirates airline has counted the amount of it on board its aircraft and in its lounges. The airline offers more than 40 million chocolate items to customers across all classes of service each year.

Emirates offers a large selection of handmade chocolates in all classes of service on flights to 140 destinations around the world. Over the past year, 35 million chocolate treats have been sampled by Economy Class passengers, more than 160,000 in Premium Economy Class (since its launch in June 2022), and 4 million treats have been offered in First and Business Class.

In December 2022, the airline introduced chocolate sets for First Class customers. Emirates works closely with chocolatiers from many countries including Bateel, Coco Jalila and Forrey & Galland from the UAE, Godiva from Belgium, Valrhona from France, Butlers from Ireland, Canonica and Neuhaus from Switzerland, Pacari from Ecuador and Hotel Chocolat from the UK.

The most popular chocolate desserts on board Emirates are traditionally recognised as molten chocolate cake in First Class and delicate milk chocolate mousse from the children’s menu. Chocolate treats are also available on long-haul routes and children are offered chocolate lollipops during holidays.

In the Onboard Lounge area on board the Emirates A380, customers are treated to vegan desserts as well as M&Ms, cakes and chocolates. Chocolate is also a staple in Emirates’ lounges.

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