The Smash Room

The Smash Room branch launched in Abu Dhabi

A branch of The Smash Room has been opened in the UAE capital, where residents and visitors can relieve stress and vent their anger by smashing things. The venue is located in the Nahil Building on Al Rawdah Street W58 in Abu Dhabi, and is open daily from 12:00 to 23:00.

Each room at The Smash Room Abu Dhabi is soundproofed. This allows visitors to shout freely while destroying a wide variety of objects. Things that can be broken include washing machines, televisions, printers, plates, glasses and more.

What’s interesting is that all broken items are subsequently sent for recycling. By relieving stress, you can really help the environment and reduce litter. So far, 70,000 electronics and 500,000 pieces of glass have already been recycled.

Before the relaxation session, guests receive a mandatory safety briefing, equipment, helmet and gloves. The weapons available are a crowbar, sledgehammer, cricket bat or baseball bat.

According to the company, The Smash Room is a unique place where anyone can effectively vent their frustration, anger or depression in a safe environment.

Also The Smash Room Abu Dhabi offers its customers to visit a cosy cafe and an area with slot machines for every taste.

Recall that the first establishment, The Smash Room Dubai, was opened in 2018 and it’s main goal was to help the people of Dubai to relax and de-stress as much as possible.

Source: The National

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