Elena Motova

Interview with Elena Motova: achievements and plans for the future

Blogger is one of the most popular professions of our time. It is a dream profession whose representatives broadcast their lives online, share thoughts and feelings, participate in advertising integrations and different projects, recommend a variety of products and launch their own training courses and marathons. Blogger Elena Motova spoke about blogging, combining career and family, traveling in her interview.

1.Elena Motova is a popular blogger, a successful woman, mother of two lovely sons. Tell us about your path. How did your blogging activity start?

My blogging activity began from the moment I went on maternity leave, that boring time when there was a catastrophic lack of communication and no parties. After sitting at home with my child for a whole year, I realized that now is the time to do my self-realization and development, to start earning money, since it is impossible to even go to sea for maternity payments.  I decided to blog on Instagram: I began to manifest myself, advertise with bloggers, participate in collaborations, and gain an audience and new friends.

2. What resonates the most with the audience on your blog?

My personal stories, travels, work practices to improve life and motivation for every day receive the greatest response.

3. One of the directions of your blog is travelling. What types of holidays and travel destinations do you prefer?

I really like to travel and discover something new. To date, I have managed to visit more than 28 countries.  We adored traveling with a huge number of excursions before having children, now the goals and conditions of our vacation have changed: now we prefer hotels with the concept of “ultra all inclusive”.

4. How do you manage to combine such a busy lifestyle and parenting?

I have my dear parents and, fortunately, they live very close and come at any moment to help with the children. Also children attend kindergarten, thanks to that I have free time for blogging. The rest of the time we easily combine our work with parenting. We also take children with us on all trips.

5. What achievements in your life are you proud of?

I consider the presence of two higher educations as my main achievements, I am also a reserve lieutenant, I invest in real estate, and I received five awards for blogging activities in the field of self-development and motivation.

6. What plans and goals do you set for yourself?

For the next year I would like to travel monthly, visit new countries and cities, buy two investment apartments, gain more than 500,000 blog subscribers and, of course, my personal goals, that I would like to keep secret.

We thank Elena for the interview and wish her to achieve all her goals.

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