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UAE travellers choose luxury travel

According to travel agency Musafir.com, the luxury travel sales segment is seeing incredible growth in the summer of 2023. UAE residents prefer 5-star hotels, premium economy or business class flights, and are increasingly booking exclusive private tours.

The company’s report notes that 80 per cent of UAE residents opt for family-oriented trips and prefer to stay in top-tier hotels or hotel apartments. Along with such trips, UAE residents also favour sports trips and eco-friendly destinations for tourism.

Trends for summer 2023 show that UAE families are taking advantage of promotions on airfares and holiday packages when travelling to the most popular destinations. The average budget for such a trip ranges from AED 3.5 to 4.5 thousand per person, with an average holiday duration of 5-6 nights.

The leading destinations, according to Musafir.com, are Thailand, Georgia, Azerbaijan (Baku), Oman (Salalah or Abha) and Saudi Arabia (Al-Ula).

According to Rahish Babu of Musafir.com, until a few years ago, UAE nationals preferred holidays at home. Now people are opting for premium class flights and accommodation in at least 4-star hotels. A perfect balance between luxury and affordability. Among those residents who prefer holidays within the Emirates, short trips within the country are becoming more popular.

As of August this year, more than 15 thousand tourist vouchers have already been sold. This figure is double the travel figures before the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for luxury travel is projected to double further in the coming years.

The easy visa process, availability of high-end holidays, and promotions on airfares and travel deals are creating the most favourable conditions for UAE travellers. The Emirati people’s desire for new experiences and the desire to see the world are constantly developing the travel and tourism industry.

Source: Gulf Business

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