UAE announces the end of the sweltering season

Astronomers have named the date when the summer heat will retreat from the UAE. According to Ibrahim Al Jarwan, a member of the Arab Union of Astronomy and Space Sciences, the gradual cooling this year should begin as early as Thursday, 24 August.

It is on that day that the star Suhail will rise in the sky over Arabia, symbolising the end of one of the hottest summers in the region’s history. It is worth recalling that this summer the UAE’s thermometer has repeatedly broken the 50ºC mark.

Suhail is the second brightest star in the sky after Sirius, 27 million years old and 310 light years away from Earth. The yellowish-white supergiant in the constellation Sails is also called the Star of Egypt and the Wise Star.

As is known, the Arabs used the star Suheil (Alpha Kiel, better known in Europe as Canopus) for maritime navigation (as the southern polar star) and orientation in travelling in the desert. Many legends and tales are associated with it in different nations. In Arabia, its “season” lasts 53 days, when a long-awaited coolness comes to the region, especially noticeable after sunset.

Bedouins closely watched the weather during this period: if Suhail appeared in clouds and with a southerly wind, they could expect rains. During this period dates and lemons ripen in Arabia and they begin to be sold in the markets.

On the 13th day after the appearance of the star it was possible to start planting new palm trees, as well as melons and legumes. The inhabitants of Arabia took out and laid out their woollen clothes to dry. In addition, the beginning of the cool season marked the start of the falconry season.

Source: What’s On

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