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Dubai visitors can get some money back on purchases

Dubai visitors can claim a tax refund of up to AED 35,000 on goods purchased as part of a single tourist trip. The refund process is very simple and does not require filling out any unnecessary paperwork. The most important thing is to strictly adhere to the visa regime, and leave the UAE within the established deadlines.

Since 2018, a 5% tax is included in the cost of goods and services for tourists. It is charged on various goods, food, hotel fees, petrol and much more. At the same time, for example, Emirati guests will not be able to get a refund for lunch or dinner, but on almost any goods taken out of the UAE, such as clothes, cosmetics or gadgets, it is possible.

There are a few rules to follow in order to get a refund. Before paying for the goods, be sure to ask for a duty-free purchase, the minimum value of the goods should be 250 dirhams. After that, present your passport to the seller to scan and save the data. Lastly, make sure that the tax-free tag is attached to the cheque.

Further, if the tourist is leaving the country from Dubai International Airport, it is necessary to go to the Tax-Free Validation Desk before check-in and control. Such desks are located in all terminals of the airport. After presenting cheques and verifying the data, it is required to indicate the preferred method of refund (cash, bank card or e-wallet). Tourists travelling by sea can find Tax-Free Validation Desks at Port Rashid.

In addition, Dubai visitors can make use of self-service kiosks located at Dubai Mall, Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central. In these kiosks, the refund amount is limited to AED 10,000 per day. At the same time, the customer receives 85 per cent of the refund amount minus a fee of AED 4.8 for each tax-free tag. Once the procedure is completed, it is necessary to leave the UAE within six hours, otherwise the refund will be cancelled.

Source: TimeOut

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