Namira Saleem

Namira Salim to open space hotel

A Dubai resident of Pakistani origin Namira Salim is planning to open an upscale space-style hotel complex called 0G (Zero G) in anticipation of a tourist flight to space.

The mixed-use complex will include sea-view apartments, beachfront villas, luxury hotels, restaurants, an observation deck, hookah bars, nightclubs and more.

According to Ms Salim, she was inspired to create this project by her own tourist flight to space, which she has been waiting for 17 years. She also added that 0G Resorts will target a diverse group of people, not only the space industry, but also members of governments, tourists, businessmen and families with children.

The planned cost of the complex will be at least US$ 1bn, depending on the location and size of the land plot. According to Namira Salim, her team of consultants includes the best world-class specialists. Some of these people took part in the construction of resorts for Disney and Universal Studios.

It is learnt that Ms Salim’s project has led to the creation of the first non-profit organisation 0G2030, which is working on the CubeSat 3 UNIT small spacecraft in partnership with the University of Nairobi (Kenya) and the University of Arizona (USA). The 0G2030 team has already received permission from the UN to launch the satellite into space for free.

As previously reported, Ms Salim was one of the first people to purchase a US$ 200,000 ticket to space in 2006. Currently, the ticket costs at least US$ 450 thousand.

In an interview with Khaleej Times on Monday, Namira Salim said: “My space flight is very close. The long-awaited journey will take place within a couple of months.”

Source: Khaleej Times

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