UAE residents can travel around the world on just one ticket

Residents of the United Arab Emirates can travel virtually around the world by booking just one ticket. As part of agreements between airlines and under the ‘one baggage’ policy, a passenger’s checked baggage is sent directly to their final destination.

By utilising the UAE’s convenient location between Asia and Europe, leading airlines Emirates and Etihad Airways have been able to make travelling to other countries much easier. Previously, passengers had to book a ticket for an international flight and then another for a domestic flight. Thanks to Emirates and Etihad Airways’ partnership with other international airlines, travellers from Dubai and Abu Dhabi can easily fly to different cities around the world on a single ticket.

Emirates and Etihad Airways have interline agreements with dozens of airlines. For example, with Air Canada, Emirates flights to Toronto or Montreal are possible with connections to 20 destinations in Canada, including Calgary, Halifax, Edmonton, Ottawa, Quebec City and Vancouver.

With Qantas Airlines, enabling travellers to catch Emirates flights to a variety of destinations in the UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand.

With United, travellers can fly Emirates flights to hundreds of destinations in the US and around the world starting November 2023.

Several Philippine destinations can be reached via Manila, Cebu or Clark International Airports by booking through Emirates and Philippine Airlines, with Japan Airlines, flights to more than 27 domestic destinations in Japan are available, with Thai Airways to more than 70 destinations in Thailand and beyond, and with Bangkok Airways to 17 destinations in Southeast Asia.

Source: Khaleej Times

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