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Dubai police issues warning for football fans

Dubai police have reminded football fans of the heavy fines – up to 30,000 dirhams (US$ 8,200) – for showing offensive gestures and other hooliganism during matches ahead of the new sports season.

Unlawful acts include entering the pitch, launching flares, fighting and throwing objects at players or fans of the opposing team. Dubai Police will imprison and fine fans for offensive gestures while watching matches at the city’s stadiums.

In this way, law enforcement officials aim to ensure the highest standards of security at sporting events. The police urged fans to follow the rules at the entrance and exit of the stadium in order to ensure public safety.

According to the letter of the law, football fans are not allowed to bring any prohibited or dangerous substances and liquids into the stadium. They must abide by the rules on carrying weapons set by the UAE Ministry of Interior and remain in their seats during the match.

Fans who violate the rules will face not only heavy fines but also imprisonment for up to three months. Harsh penalties also await those who incite people to commit offences and violent acts. Using the stadium for political purposes is also illegal.

Source: Arabian Business

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