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UAE health workers create giant floral carpet

Health workers from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and the northern emirates have created a giant floral carpet to celebrate India’s harvest festival Onam. It required 750kg of flowers and 15 hours of work. More than 1,000 people of 30 nationalities took part in the creation. The main objectives of the event, apart from the festival, were to celebrate the UAE’s Year of Sustainable Development and the SOR28 Climate Summit to be held in Dubai later this year.

Inspired by the SOR28 conference’s call for collective action, hundreds of employees working in the UAE’s medical sector gathered at the flagship Burjeel Medical City. Working together for 15 hours, representatives from different nationalities, cultures and faiths from India, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Egypt, Jordan, the UK and other countries, created a unique creation.

According to Maried Trad Shams, a human resource officer from Tunisia, the year 2023 is very important for the entire humanity. The UAE will host the SOR28 climate summit with the main goal of creating a better and cleaner future for the world.

Shouk Almemari from Emirates, who works in the administrative department, said that this is the first time she is taking part in Onam celebrations. She enjoyed creating the floral carpet and was excited to learn about Indian culture and many interesting people.

Joyce Ann Venzon, a nurse of Filipino descent, said that the Onam celebration brought everyone together and helped them create a true masterpiece with their own hands. She also added that she really hoped that this initiative would attract people’s attention and help them realise the need for environmental stewardship.

Dr Baby Thampuru Wamadevan, an anaesthesiology specialist, said she was proud that she was able to play a small but significant role in the run-up to the much-awaited SOR28 conference. And added that every global citizen must act responsibly and consciously to protect the planet and our common future.

Source: Khaleej Times

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