Hatta sets new world record

The world’s tallest landmark sign Hatta has been erected in the Hatta Mountains. Towering at a height of 450 metres, the sign has received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

It is clarified that the sign is installed on the Hajar mountain range and is 19.28 metres high. In comparison, the height of the Hollywood sign is 13 metres. Tourists have the opportunity to climb the mountain as part of a 30-minute tour, take photos against the background of the sign and admire the beautiful panoramic views. In the evenings, the sign is illuminated, making it visible from afar.

It is known that with the onset of the autumn season excursion programmes to Hattu will resume. In ancient times this small town was known for its military fortress and small farms, and today it has become a place of attraction for lovers of outdoor activities and beautiful nature.

Tourists are particularly popular for cycling on trails of varying difficulty levels, kayaking on Hatta Dam Lake and horseback riding in the mesmerising mountain scenery.

As previously reported, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has launched a new bus route to Hatta, allowing visitors to the mountain town to see all the sights. The bus runs daily from 07:00 to 21:00.

The fare is only AED 2 per stop. Journeys start and end at Hatta Bus Station and the bus makes four stops on the way: at Hatta Wadi Hub amusement park, Hatta Hill Park, Hatta Dam and the Heritage Village. The bus leaves from the bus station every 30 minutes.

The Hatta Hill Region will develop into a major tourist centre in the coming years with a new market, bike trails and an artificial beach. Such projects are contained in the Hatta Master Plan for the next 20 years.

The plan contains recommendations for designing buildings in the mountainous area, optimising the road network, renovating the Heritage Village and creating opportunities for local businesses and farmers.

Hatta has already laid an 11.5km cycle track from the bus station to the dam, with plans to build another 6km track in the town soon, as well as a 5.5km mountain bike track that will pass through archaeological sites.

Work has begun on a local market where farmers will be able to sell vegetables, fruit and other fresh produce. Nearby there will be cafes, restaurants and playgrounds for shoppers with children.

The beach construction project includes an artificial lagoon and a lake with an area for relaxing on the sand. On the seafront will be created amenities for recreation and entertainment.

Source: Khaleej Times

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