Walk among the clouds

Walk among the clouds in Fujairah Mountains

Residents and visitors to the UAE have a unique chance to walk among the clouds at Farfar Mountain in Fujairah. A small group has already managed to experience this incredible sensation of ‘walking in the clouds’. A Dubai resident named Mohammed Sajjad, who is a keen ecotourism enthusiast and weather watcher, was able to predict based on graphs that low-lying clouds would appear in the area.

According to Mr Sajjad, in this part of the country, this position of clouds is very rare, only to be seen in summer and autumn. Mount Farfar is only 600 metres high and usually the clouds are at the same height. However, on Saturday, luck smiled on the travellers, as the clouds were about 400 metres high.

For some members of the group, such a walk was not the first experience of expeditions in the company of Sajjad and his team. Prasoon Pachadiyan started following Sajjad’s Instagram posts (@uaeweatherman) about 1.5 years ago and then went on his first cloud chase with him. He and Sajjad are now good friends, and often travel together.

Mohammed Sajjad also said that being between the clouds is an incredibly interesting and breathtaking experience. Clouds are made up of water vapour and when they touch a person, they give a cool sensation. The temperature usually ranges between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. “At least once in a lifetime, this is something every person should experience,” Mr Sajjad asserts.

Mohammed Sajjad also shared where else in the country one can find such a unique phenomenon. In the eastern region, the best place would be Al Suhoob recreation area in Khor Fakkan district. In addition, Wadi Kitab will be a promising observation point, but the road there is currently under construction. In the northern region, Jebel Jais is the ideal place for a walk among the clouds.

Source: Khaleej Times

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