Dubai makes list of popular Arabian desserts

Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism has compiled a list of the most popular Arabian desserts that visitors to the emirate should try in order to get a full picture of the local culture.

Dates, spices and honey are the main ingredients of most Arabian desserts. Maamoul is a biscuit filled with dates and spices. It is usually filled with date paste and nuts inside, and the dough is shaped in different ways for beauty. The creamy flavour of maamoul goes well with Arabic coffee. We recommend trying this dessert during afternoon tea at Al Hallab Restaurant and Sweets (in Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates).

Basbousa is a traditional dessert that is often made in Arab families. The recipe is quite simple: semolina soaked in sweet syrup. Before serving, the dish is decorated with almonds. You can order basbousa at the traditional Emirati cafe-restaurant Al Fanar, located in Dubai Festival City shopping centre.

Chebab is the local equivalent of pancakes or pancakes. Each restaurant where chebab is prepared has its own secret recipe, but the principle is the same: various spices such as turmeric, cardamom and saffron are added to the dough. It is served with sweet date syrup. You can start the day with flavoured chebabs at the traditional Arabian Tea House.

Knafeh, one of the most popular dishes in the region, can be found in almost every Emirati restaurant. The dish consists of a thick layer of delicate goat cheese covered with small pieces of vermicelli or wheat groats. Knafeh is usually served hot with regular sugar syrup or rose water, but many establishments have their own speciality recipe. At Bosporus restaurant in WAFI Mall, this dessert is served with cream, ice cream or chocolate.

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