Freilyn Angob

Freilyn Angob wins fantastic prize in Fast5 Emirates Draw

An Ajman resident of Filipino descent named Freilyn Angob won the top prize in the latest Fast5 Emirates Draw held in early September this year. Her winnings totalled AED 25,000 (US$ 6,800), which she will receive monthly for the next 25 years.

According to Ms Angob, she and her fiancé were overjoyed to hear about the winnings. Previously, the couple had to postpone their wedding indefinitely due to their difficult financial situation, but after the incredible prize, they can now prepare for the much-awaited ceremony.

“I will never forget this moment. I thought I had once again won a small cash prize. But when I received the congratulatory letter, there was no limit to my happiness. This winnings will put an end to all my worries and give me financial stability for a long time,” Ms Angob said.

It is learnt that 32-year-old Freilyn Angob moved to the United Arab Emirates about 10 years ago in search of a job and a better life. Back home, her family owned a small shop run by Ms Angob’s father. When her father was diagnosed with cancer, she decided to move abroad to get a good job and support her family financially.

In the UAE, she got a job as a nurse and later, after further education, started a career in laser dentistry. Ms Angob entered the Emirates Draw lottery in the hope of winning a big prize. Her first win was just AED 5 and a day later she won the top prize.

According to Paul Chader, marketing manager of Emirates Draw, the draw gives anyone in the UAE a real chance to change their life by turning their deepest dreams into reality.

Freilyn Angob is the second winner of the Fast5 lottery, the first draw was held in July and the grand prize was won by Sharjah resident Mohd Adil Khan.

Source: The National

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