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Astronomers report cool season beginning in UAE

Temperatures in the United Arab Emirates will begin to drop in October, with a northerly wind bringing a welcome cool season after the debilitating summer heat. In addition, in mid-October, the rainy season will begin in the UAE.

During this period, the desert will start to turn green, and the country’s residents will start to go for beach walks more often and pay more attention to water sports. The real freshness will be felt in the early morning, arriving in the UAE at the end of October.

The true autumnal equinox comes to the UAE in early October, but the weather does not magically start to change from a certain date. The retreat of the heat begins as early as the end of August, with the weather starting to become more comfortable in the second half of September.

From 16 October onwards, the UAE’s rainy and windy cool season, better known as Al Wasmi, begins. Temperatures begin to drop an average of 10 degrees Celsius each year compared to the summer season.

Before the onset of the chilly winter, the Emirates experiences variations in atmospheric temperatures with the formation of fogs. Al Wasmi is referred to as the season of “water and dew” as well as the “first spring”. The rains stimulate the growth of wild and desert plants, as well as grass in cattle pastures. As a result, the desert begins to turn green.

If the rains fall early enough and periodically during this period, the land becomes fertile, allowing wild plants, including flowers and seasonal grasses, to grow. Their life cycle is usually about 4-6 months and they can produce seeds the following season.

Weather forecasters note that the season lasts between 52 and 60 days. Al Wasmi is favourable for fishing in the sea and is also associated with the appearance of migratory birds. During this time, Emirati residents are advised to prepare in advance for changes in the weather, including rain and dust storms, as well as to be extra vigilant on the roads due to the formation of fog.

Source: Khaleej Times

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